My version of the FIRE journey.

Becoming FI has long been a dream of me. I guess it is the dream of a lot of people FiIRE enthousiasts. And yet, I do take a lot of actions that go against the FI journey logic.

My steps in the other direction

I take steps away from FI. To become FI, you should maximize income, minimize expenses and invest the rest.

I do otherwise.

My reduced income

Rather than looking for an extra job or a side hustle, I consciously and deliberately decided to work only 90%. This allows me to spend more time with my kids to bond now.

On top of that, I also take one month extra holiday in the summer. I plan to use this time to go on holiday with my girlfriend and to be home when I have the kids and to have a holiday with the 6 of us. The alternative is to send the kids to kids activities.

And you got to love Belgium. I do get a financial compensation for this from the Belgian state. There is a system in place of parental leave. And I plan to use it as much as possible. The compensation comes down to 750EUR net for one month of unpaid leave. That is quite nice.

My maximised expenses

This is not actually true. I do live on a budget and have limits in place.

It just means that there is slack in my budget that I do not cut.

As an example, i have a cleaning lady twice per month that cleans the house. Of course, I can do this myself. I just award myself this luxury now that I can. Maybe one day it will be cut

Holidays are another example. I do think that time away and fun activities are adding value to live. Some of these are free, other, you have to pay for. I do not mind to pay for these, as long as it fits my self imposed budget.

What do you think of this?

I am curious to hear how you deal with minimising expenses and maximising income.


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