In order to keep track of my assets, my savings rate, my FIRE date, I rely a lot on tools. Most of these tools are xls based. As i have learned a lot from the tools of others and the insights that other give on their blog, I wanted to return the favor. I will therefore keep here a list of the tools that I use.

FIRE estimator

This tool allows you to estimate the number of years that you need to reach FI. The tools assumes that you are happy with a given Save Withdrawl Rate. This rate is customizable in the tool.

Next to that, the tool will force you to think about your future spending and savings. This means that you need to have a fairly good idea on what you earn and spend per year. You can enter the same value for each year. I recommend to really spend some time on thinking about these numbers. That way, you will get better results

Budget tracker

coming soon

Please note that I make these tools for fun only. These tools have no formal value other than entertainment for me. For an in depth analysis, plan an appointment with a certified financial planner.


4 thoughts on “Tools

  1. Nice blog and tools! I made an online retirementtool myself, hope you enjoy it!
    Personally, I’m currently mostly focussed on investing in our mortgage, which is the most profitable option in the netherlands. Stocks and options will be a future plan for me.


  2. What is the best way to track a budget? Via excel? I would like to work with excel. But how do you put a csv file of your bank into that excelfile? Or do you write everything manually? That last one would be a lot of work!!


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