amber index july 2016

Keeping track of your numbers is a great way to see where you are on the journey. It also allows to adjust the plan if needed. Not doing this means that you drive with your eyes closed. Have you ever tried this? what were the results?


There a many blogs out there on the Financial Independence topic. Below is a list of blogs that got me up to speed in the subject or that share an element of life with me (Index investing, with kids on the journey). This list is by far not exhaustive, but a good starting point for exploration. … More blogroll


In order to keep track of my assets, my savings rate, my FIRE date, I rely a lot on tools. Most of these tools are xls based. As i have learned a lot from the tools of others and the insights that other give on their blog, I wanted to return the favor. I will … More Tools


The overall goal of my long term saving is to reach financial independence. It means having enough F-money so that I always have options to do what I want, not to do what others want me to do. The end goal is not to retire early on a beach reading a book and drinking mojito’s. For that, I have to much the need to be busy, to be working on something, to have action. … More Goals


So, who am I? I am a 39 40 year young married father with 2 toddler kids from Belgium. I recently discovered the FIRE community and I have learned already a lot since then. I plan to keep following different blogs and contributing to the community. I am not new to investing. I have bought my … More About