My Progress to FI – May 2020

At the start of the year, I got back the desire to start tracking my progress to FI. I wanted to know where I was. My system is in place and it gives me opportunities to do things on my terms.

Amber Index May 2020

Slowly, a few percent points at the time, the amber index goes up. You hear it often, I will repeat it: it is a marathon, not a sprint. For me, having good habits in place and living now outweigh reaching an arbitrary number so I can call myself FI.

Living now

Thanks to the confinment, it is a lot easier for me to simply be present and enjoy life. No more commute stress – I work from home since mid MArch and I like it a lot.

I get to work where and how I want: in the garden, in the living, in the bureau, in the kitchen. And I really enjoy this change in scenery. Especially the garden is a nice place to be for a conf call or a brainstorm.

I also started to grow sunflowers. It is a dream to mini sunflower field in my garden. This is year 3 that I will try. The 2 previous years were no success. Let’s see how this year goes. I already discovered that some places work better than others…

I also became a fan of the byebyegrass movement (not an affiliate link). They encourgae people to have less perfectly mowed grass in the garden and have more wild flowers and wild spaces in the garden. I like the idea: I an contribute to the nature, I mow less (lazy me) and I get to enjoy a more diverse view in my garden. A tripple win.

How is your progress in life?


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