There a many blogs out there on the Financial Independence topic. Below is a list of blogs that got me up to speed in the subject or that share an element of life with me (Index investing, with kids on the journey). This list is by far not exhaustive, but a good starting point for exploration. If you think one is missing, drop me a comment and I will add it.

If you want a specific Belgian view, I will indicate this as well.

People from Belgium

Freedom Sloth


Fight to Fire

Dividend Cake

People that FIRE already

Mr Money Moustache

Financial Samurai

Cheesy Finance

Go Curry Cracker


retire by 40

root of good

afford anything


Smelling Freedom

What Life could be

People on the journey


The Finance Zombie


Even Steven Money

The millennial budget

Financieel Onafhankelijk

People in a similar situation

The below bloggers are people that I think are in the same situation than me: They are raising kids while being on the journey to FIRE. I am curious to see how kids affects their saving rate and FIRE plans

meneer en mevrouw


Pollies dividend

eat the financial elephant

humble FI

1500 days to freedom

dutch dividend tree


Mustachian Post


Passive Income Dude

Simpelwegrijk Leven

People trading options as compliment for DGI


dividend chimp



The retirement manifesto

Financially Integrated

DivGro – Ferdis


29 thoughts on “blogroll

  1. Just had the birth of my first child in March and we opened up a custodial account for him. We plan on filling his account exclusively with dividend growth stocks for the next twenty years. As you stated it will be interesting to see how a child affects finances going forward.

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  2. Thanks for including me on your list!

    I may be moving to your kids list soon as it’s getting on our radar to pop out a little sproglet or two soon :O)

    I have a sneaky feeling we may end up spending less (in the first 5 years anyway) although income would also likely drop as well, so it may well end up being a wash in terms of amount saved.



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    1. TFS, let me know when you I need to move you to another section. As far as I can see, it is a challenging section to be in…

      Spending less is not something we noticed. It was rather spending differently. There are the pampers, daycare, babyfood and cloths. On the other hand, we went out less, less restaurants,…

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  3. Hello,

    I think that your blog has a very good start and I will certainly be following it in the upcoming months! Hope that you can keep succeeding and be on to greatness!


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  4. Hi ATL,
    Would you consider adding my site to your blogroll? Our situations are similar in that we are both working Father’s with 2 children, journeying down the path to FIRE. We share the commonality of the DGI mindset and can tweak it just a bit to meet certain goals or needs.

    Your post today, “the need for speed” was started with a sentence that we can all relate to and find a challenge at times – “Patience is not yet one of my strengths”… What a true statement!

    All the best to you, and thanks!

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  5. hi, would be a great honor, if you can add me to your Blog List.
    I will also add you to mine, if you want to.

    Do you speak german as well?! My Blog is in german, but i plan to translate all of my blog posts in english in the future.

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    1. Done. My German is not that good. I am curious to see if I understand something.
      I added you. I am curious to see who else out there is combining DGI and options.
      Would be nice if you add me to your blogroll

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  6. just discovered your blog. Great to see another european FIRE blogger!

    We live in Germany, 2 kids and started blogging in oct 2015 after we realised we’re technically FI. We blog in english, write about how we did it, what we invest in and what we think of life, universe and everything else 🙂

    Also, we’ll be organising the Financial Independence Week Europe. In 2016 only with bloggers. Later we’ll open it. See: – why don’t you join us?

    P.S.: madfientist ist FI allready.

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  7. Also just discovered your blog. Isn’t aiming for FIRE great, the journey in itself to start with? Ever since my wife and I realized what we were doing (consumerism) and that we had option to change track (frugality), the journey of life has become more pleasant and fulfulling.

    I have been interested in personal finance as long as I can remember. And recently, I started blogging about FIRE from Dutch perspective on


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