My 12 budget categories

Today, I want to share with you the details of my monthly budget and the categories that I use. Inspiration comes from a question I received during a live interview with Fire Belgium. The categories I have different main purposes of monthly expenses. Some are for spending in that month, other are for pre paying … More My 12 budget categories


The 2020 objectives

2020… I really like how you pronounce this and how grace full and peaceful it looks. For 2020, I have listed my personal objectives. None of these objectives is financial in nature and is not really mesaurable like a savings rate or an amberindex. Why do this? It all comes down to my focus on … More The 2020 objectives

A new reality

Since 8 months I now live on a single salary. It is not the typical FIRE one salary whereby one stops to work because they have reached certain financial milestones in their financial long term plan. This one salary family is enforced on me due to my divorce. I see this new reality as an opportunity to … More A new reality