Portfolio stats

Some time ago, I have merged the spreadsheets we have into one. The updates are now straight forward and the copy/paste is limited to one! That is great. It also produces some new  insights that I have wanted to see.

October 2016 Income

While still recovering from my great summer ideas, I continue to to do what I like: writing options to gain a passive additional income. October was yet an interestingt month where I extended my knowledge and insights further.

Option Trading Interview #7 – Early Retirement Now

The next interview in the series is with Mr. ERN. An experienced option trader with an interesting put selling strategy. His blogs brings some challenging thoughts like the reasons not to have an emergency fund. Make sure to check it out. Q: Tell us about yourselves A: We are Mr. & Mrs. ERN, a married couple with … More Option Trading Interview #7 – Early Retirement Now