Option Trading Interview #7 – Early Retirement Now

The next interview in the series is with Mr. ERN. An experienced option trader with an interesting put selling strategy. His blogs brings some challenging thoughts like the reasons not to have an emergency fund. Make sure to check it out. Q: Tell us about yourselves A: We are Mr. & Mrs. ERN, a married couple with … More Option Trading Interview #7 – Early Retirement Now

Belgium-Netherlands Meetup

This Saturday was not only a very sunny Indian summer. It was also the day that a group of FIRE enthousiast got together in Breda. It is amazing how easy  a group of like-minded people can have a great afternoon, even when we only know each other virtually.

Passive income Sept 2016

When I started out to document my options income, I had no idea what to expect. I thus set low goals, as a way to have a target and not to oblige myself too much into taking risk with options. We are now 3 quarters into 2106, and it has been amazing.

How is the new job?

Almost 3 months ago, I said goodbye to a nice job. I had decided to join a start up. I was curious to see what business life in a startup would be, what would be the challenges, how would I behave in that environment.