Option trading May 2020 – another WTF month

For my option trading, the month of May is gone. It was yet a month with a positive result. Yet, clouds gather in the sky…

I earned 258,59€ in May

This is not too bad as a result given the market. However, It could have been close to 800€. As I am convinced that the stock market is too high, I traded like that. And I lost. I should take the time and refelect on that.

Here are the positions that brought the result

Closed position sin May 2020

The EU banks and insures yielded some nice results. A few days ago, they all went up real fast and real high and I was able to close my positions for a decent profit.

Something similar to Silver. There was some rally and I was on the right side. And the QQQ… I burned myself there…

My current open trades

Open positions to start June

With these positions, I enter the new month. As You can see, I can still burn myself on the extreme positive market. A max loss off Approx 800USD is still possible as long as the bull runs…

Gold and the gold mines have paused their strong run and that could give me the opportunity to collect my call premiums.

And FXI – a China ETF – That will be there for some more months to come…

Also the assigned positions

When you trade short puts, you risk to get assigned. I do not want to hide that. This is why this section is here.

My assigned positions that I carry

Shell used to be a rock solid dividend player. That makes it a good candidate for me to write puts. I earned the right on the dividend. Sadly, it will not be what it used to be. They do the right thing: keep cash for whatever is yet to come.

Historical results

Historical results

Curious about my story?

This Tuesday night, I will have a chat with FIRE Belgium.com. Tickets are free.


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