Expensens May 2020

Yet another month on confinment. So that means a month with less speding than budgeted. When I look deeper, I do see a potential issue

May came in below budget: 207,28€

This is yet another month way below budget That is good news for the bufget and creates room for some extra expenses that I want to make soon.

The budget breakdown looks as follows

Discretionary spending May 2020

This is a typical confinement pattern. A lot of expenses in houselhold. Partially because I spend more on bio food and partially because I am too lazy to split a grocery shopping bill in real household items and extras for the kids and the garden. In the long run, i do not think it matters to have this level of detail.

Extra expenses I want to make soon

A new smartphone: I have an older NExus 5X and thta is no longer receiving updates since XXX 2018.

The last months, I get a little bit upset when webpages load slow, switching apps take longer than before. SO, I was planning to buy the new Pixle 4A when it releases. My old phone can the go to my youngest daughter, as her is no longer good and she is using a borrowed phone at this time.

The issue that I see

The months of confinement are characterised with 0€ expenses for childcare. On Mondays I have a gardian that picks them up from school and on Thursday there is a babysit when I go to Impro classes. These expenses are now not there anymore.

Expenses for evenings out are also not there anymore as it is simply not possible.

Would I add these expenses to the current budget, then I would go over budget every month…

Let’s see how that plays out in the coming months


3 thoughts on “Expensens May 2020

  1. Hehe, I’m also looking into a new smartphone. My S7 edge is lagging more and more as well; adding to that that my battery is draining fast and the screen is cracked all leads me to a new phone in the coming months.

    As for your issue, a budget is something flexible as it changes over time and your life.


  2. We are a bit in the same boat. I as well see budget overdrafts once this lockdown is completely done … But it shoud even out over the next months so the full year recap will probably be a good indication of real spending habits.


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