How FI am I now?

When on the journey to FI, it is always interesting to know if there is progress, standstill or regression. Tracking the status is a very good way to get a view on the trend. Hence, I put the amberindex back in the spotlight. … More How FI am I now?

Monthly investing in ETFs

2 months ago, I decided to start again with our monthly investing. I am convinced that investing each month your salary surplus is the best way for the long term. And I have to admit: it is easier than it sounds. Our emotions screw up the plan easily!

Let’s start again

About a year ago, I stopped my monthly contributions to my ETF portfolio. Officially, due to the increased risk at the job: I wanted more cash. With hindsight it might have been a valuation issue. My last buy was in June 2016 – rebalancing my emerging markets exposure.