The 2020 objectives

2020… I really like how you pronounce this and how grace full and peaceful it looks. For 2020, I have listed my personal objectives.

None of these objectives is financial in nature and is not really mesaurable like a savings rate or an amberindex. Why do this? It all comes down to my focus on life as a whole and not just the money aspects of it.

2020 is the focus on meaningful things

The bottom part of this graph is no explicit focus for me. The system with a budget is in place and the habits to use the rest for a more joyful life and a financial better future are well established. I started to measure the progress again, for me, that is all I need for now.

The 2020 objectives

I visualised my objectives, printed them and put them on a wall in my house.

My 2020 objectives

What does this all mean? From left top, clockwise

  • Improvisation – I will practice improv in 2020 and will have at least one performnace. This one is well on track. With my girlfriend, we organise our own improv training – with people we met in other trainings.
  • Holiday with my girlfriend – We will have a just-the-2-of-us holiday in 2020.
  • A stimulating work environment – I will work in a company where work does not feel like work and were people are motivated and mature
  • Photography – I will have a few fun shoots.
  • Become a family – We will have family-of-6 activities and do meaningfull things all togerher
  • Family travel with the 6 of us – We will have a holiday with the 6 of us. A camping roadtrip maybe?
  • Meet FIRE minded people – One of the reasons to blog is to meet people. In 2020 I will meet a lot of new people. Interested in a new BE get together? Ping me in the comments
  • Run – I like running.

What are your 2020 objectives?


3 thoughts on “The 2020 objectives

  1. Your blog is becoming more philsophy then strict FIRE, but I like it! Well written. Travelling the year around isn’t the holy grail…you are right. Travelling is fun but coming home is fun as well. If it is not, then you are not travelling but “running away” from your problems. Wish you good luck and maybe we can meet once again. I am too late for the the FI meeting in Brussels, I guess…


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