My version of the FIRE journey.

Becoming FI has long been a dream of me. I guess it is the dream of a lot of people FiIRE enthousiasts. And yet, I do take a lot of actions that go against the FI journey logic. My steps in the other direction I take steps away from FI. To become FI, you should … More My version of the FIRE journey.


My new home…

Part of a divorce is finding out what to to with the family home. We have found a solution for that. And it is not the most financial optimised solution. That is my lessons learned: there are limits to making rational, spreadsheet based decisions. How about following your feelings?

My Housing Story

Inspired by Geldnerd and Meneer and Mevrouw, I share with you my housing story. There are some ggod lessons in here, and I want to document these for my kids and interested people. I hope you can avoid my mistakes

Monthly investing in ETFs

2 months ago, I decided to start again with our monthly investing. I am convinced that investing each month your salary surplus is the best way for the long term. And I have to admit: it is easier than it sounds. Our emotions screw up the plan easily!