January 2020 Financial overview

Even when I have no longer a firm and calculated FI plan, I still live according a series of financial values. I also see the benefit of measuring what is important.

January Financial report.

After a full year in 2019 of living on my self imposed budget, it has now become a habit to stay within the limits of my budget. So, no surprise here and thus no dirty story to tell. I ended January within budget.

January 2020 expenses

This spending pattern is in line with the 2019 pattern. Household and drinks/restaurant take about 50% of my spending here. Note that electricity, insurance etc is not part of this. This is the money I use to actually live on and where I can take day-2-day actions.

January Amber Index

I started to track my AmberIndex again, so I have a view on where I am compared to a typical FIRE plan.

Progress in the Amber Index

There is progress in the AmberIndex. It might seem small, only 0,31% increase. Yet, I am happy with this.

Main reason is the way my money is invested today. I will post more on that later.

How was your January?


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