Tasting Fire // Being absent from the blogs

Last Monday was great! I had a day off and got to experience what FIRE could be like. It is sweet.

I took a day off and volunteered to teach some basic programming and hardware assembly to kids aged 11-12. It is inspiring to see these young kids and how they are interested in technology and the creative process.

I was more than happy to donate my time to this organisation that wants to show the kids what technology is. We received a course preparation and got the instructions on an introduction night. Seeing the excitement, the creativity, feeling the positive energy and creations is worth all of it. Even when it means that this day off means an day of unpaid holiday at the end of the year. I like to share knowledge and the appreciation you get from it.

Next to that, I got a real slow and relaxing morning with my own kids at home. No pressure to go to work, no train schedule to respect. And in the evening, I could pick them up from school, cook diner for the family and spend quality time with the kids.

That is what FIRE is all about…!

The next day started similar: I had agreed to be a driver for a field trip. Same stress free morning.

That being said, I was happy as well to go to work. It seems that I really like the work and might do it for free… (And don’t tell my boss 😉 ). As I am not FIREd yet, I still need to work for money, so I ma happy to be paid. The point I wanted to make is that the job brings me a lot of satisfaction as well.

When I look back at my ideal definition  of work: there was room for 3-4 months of non formal work. That feels about right to me.

// Being absent

As you might have noticed, There has not been a lot of activity on the blog the last 6 weeks. I seem to have a sort of burn out again on blogging and reading other blogs. Life happens…

Part of that is caused by an external curveball… It disrupts the happy being of the family more than I want. And to be fair, blaming it on all on that curve ball would not be fair.

A second part is the lack of priority that I give to the blog. There are too many other things that require my attention and that I seem to value more. I have been working a lot on a volunteer project and for some key meetings at the office. I also started a new hobby. Al these activities ate up a lot of energy.

I hope that the coming weeks will show some signs of stabilisation and that I find the time to write, read and comment again. Only time will tell…!



9 thoughts on “Tasting Fire // Being absent from the blogs

  1. You need to figure out YOUR way of life. That what makes you and your fam happy. Don’t get me wrong I love your posts and comments but we are just some random strangers in a cool community with shared interests. Nothing that will probably last a lifetime anyway… Family and happiness first.

    Good luck finding out!

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  2. Blogging takes an amazing amount of time, which you really don’t have (considering you have a family, friends and work). Switching your priorities makes total sense to me, struggling with finding a balance myself. Finally learned that the blog is the first one to go….

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  3. Ciao ATL,
    I have similar issues with my blog, I’d like to write more but all I can come up with is monthly updates only… Maybe in the future it will change, maybe not. I am also considering some charity work but right now my efforts are concentrated on the wedding (lass than 2 weeks now…) and finding a new job opportunity on top of the lectures that I will have from January. Still it looks like you enjoyed the time at home and that’s great I think! I also enjoy being at home, leaves me a lot of time to do things that I could not do before 🙂 (leaving me wondering: “how did I manage before?”)
    Ciao ciao

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  4. Love the volunteering, know of some colleagues that do the same with teaching programming to kids.

    As for the blogging… I see a lot of bloggers writing 3-5 posts per week, dominating the social medias, still working a job and I just don’t know where they find the time. Everybody has it’s own way. And finding meaning in the things you do is probably one of the most important things!

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  5. Nice you had so much fun in the volunteering project. I can imagine you prioritize this over your blog, although I like reading it. All that matters you find your way how to optimally manage your time.

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  6. I had the same thing happen to me…The blogging burnout is real. But so are the connections and “relationships” made through blogging. That’s what I missed. And we are finally finding the balance between “retirement” and “encore career.” You don’t ever need to completely “stop.” And being able to design the right amount of work is absolutely the BEST! ~ Lynn

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  7. I’ve been in that same place for a few months now. I took most of the summer off from writing and now that’s carried into the fall.

    I’m starting to get a few posts drafted and just need to push them to completion.

    The good thing is that when you decide to start writing again, you can pick it with a renewed level of energy and enthusiasm.

    And your readers will be here ready to jump on board again.

    Pleased to hear you enjoyed the day off.

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  8. Since my numbers and my road become clear I started to take days off as you (not for volunteer but for my family and my hobbies).
    It brings a smile to taste the ‘freedom’ before the FIRE 🙂 .

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