Speaking FIRE to others is a challenge

As soon as I am passionate about something, be it FIRE, a hobby, a holiday, I want to speak to many many people about it. And that is all wrong…

Not everybody is in the same situation as me. Not everybody is able to save up to 50 pct of the income. Or not everybody has found the insights related to FIRE. Just like not everybody is fond of ski or Urbex photography…

Speaking to everybody about your passions might bring a lot of disillusion: people react indifferently or might have an opposing idea. Why not spend it all on restaurants and fancy cars? #YOLO and all…

Over time, I have learned that it is far better to drop a few hints and see who responds with a slight interest. This leaves far more room for follow up discussions.

Over the past months, that is what I have been trying to do. With mixed results. It requires the right follow up comments/conversations and some sources of info you can share with people. Doing this too soo is not a good, waiting too long is bad as well. It is a skill I am developing slowly…

Recently, I have had some hits with colleagues that had questions on investing. I had dropped a few teasers about what I do and the fact they were playing with bitcoin helped as well. Talking FIRE is not the first thing to do, I started talking about investing for the lang haul. The Jim Collins Stock Series helped here. With one, I am sometime discussing not working till the legal pension age… Life style inflation has been a subject as well. My next move will be the book: Four pillars of investing.

And recently, another tool is available: a book on European (German) FIREd people. FIRE_Gisela It was interesting to read the book, as it it features some people that I have met in person in Budapest. Seeing a book on them, is just amazing. I am curious to see how/where I will be able to use this book.

I have a couple in mind. In my opinion, they could be FIREd real soon. On the other hand, they optimise their life joy already now with nice long holidays and regular breaks. So, why not. We all need to define our own path to happiness. Not a path to FIRE…!

The book gives a high level introduction on what FIRE is about. The real value is in the interviews with the different people, their path to FIRE and the impact that it all had on their lives. I am now starting on part 2: interviews with people that are on their way to FIRE. I look very much forward to that. Sharing issues, ideas, problems we have on our journey Is important as well…

Of course, wanting to speak to others and meeting like minded people is the main reason that I blog. I am happy that I do and I look forward to different meetups with people.

What do you do to engage in talks with others?



11 thoughts on “Speaking FIRE to others is a challenge

  1. I get carried away often when talking about topics I like, annoying habit really as you can easily offend people (and noticing too late). Been trying the same as you lately, just dropping a few hints and see the response. Has been interesting (and rewarding) for sure! See you in two weeks mate.


  2. Currently I only talk to a select few who know what I’m trying to do. Outside my inner circle there isn’t much financial responsibility and I have not done across a situation in which this was even discussed.

    Interesting book, I’ll add it to my list.

    Btw I think you made a very nice distinction in that the path we are on is one of happiness and not per as FIRE. But that is for everyone to decide for themselves.


  3. One of the reasons that I blog is most Canadians that I know or meet do not want to talk about FIRE at all. I never talk about investing unless someone brings up topic. But many of my friends still ask me for free financial advice.

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  4. We have found that there are basically two categories of people: Those who grew up to be savers, and those who grew up to be spenders. It’s sometimes very difficult to show the second the benefits of the first. ~ Lynn

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  5. In general it’s difficult to talk to others about financial matters. Sure, some may listen to you when you speak of hobbies, likes/dislikes but when it comes to money it’s another situation. Basically, I’ll only talk about FIRE, investing, dividends, stocks, etc. if someone asks me. Then I feel free to describe my investing situation and philosophy. Usually, if someone asks it becomes an open door.


  6. I was talking with colleagues about mortgages and that I was paying it off as soon as possible. Most were flabbergasted that I pay off a couple of hundreds of euros each month. They couldn’t do it and most of them earn a lot more than I do…
    But no harsh reactions, they were just wondering how I do it.. 🙂


  7. Similar to ffsloth. People just don’t understand it or don’t want to talk about it. Sometimes I have the impression that trying to get rich is considered a crime in Belgium…


  8. For my own peace of mind, I always try to keep an inventory of a few articles that are almost ready to post. In one of these I cover write about similar aspects. I tend to be very careful and not talk too much about it, besides leaving a small clue now and then. I’m very curious to read the book though!


  9. Talking about FIRE is misunderstood often as living in obscure conditions, barely eating and staying at home all the time. That is so wrong, man. I get frustrated listening to the people saying it’s impossible to live like this 🙂


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