New Meetup – Antwerp

Meeting people that are on the same journey is always nice. You get to share experiences, exchange tips and tricks and have interesting discussions.After a first nice meetup in Breda, a second meetup is in the making. This time, we plan to meet end of January, early February in Antwerp. Interested to join? Drop a comment, or email either here or on the TeamCF site.

For this meetup, we are looking to book a room so we are sheltered from bad winter weather. It also creates the opportunity to set up a sort of speakers corner where people could present an interesting topic .

For this shelter, we will have to request a small fee. The math is very easy: cost of the place divided by the number op people. As we are all frugal, we plan to keep the cost very low. We aim at a cost below 5EUR. There are lot’s of bars in Antwerp that rent out a room cheaply when you order drinks at the bar. This room would also allow to bring a lunch pack. Double Frugal!

We look forward to see you in Antwerp!


20 thoughts on “New Meetup – Antwerp

  1. Hi there, I am interested! I haven’t commented before, but I enjoy reading your posts. I’m a US citizen living in Antwerp and living a frugal lifestyle 🙂 It would be fun to meet some people who are nearby!


  2. Ciao ATL,
    Would love to join but as usual distance and the added fact that I am in the process of changing jobs (again…) will probably make it hard for me to come over… I keep a small hope though so if you accept late comers I might have a clearer situation after the mid of January, when my new job begins…
    ciao ciao


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