2016 – thumbs up or down?

The year comes to an end. A week from now, it will be 2017 already. At the start of 2016, we started with some good itentions. How did we do?

2016 was a year where a lot of things happened.

Financial goals

1- Live below our means: Savings rate of 55pct (including mortgage repayment)

image-2With our decision to put more money aside for travel and my new job that pays less, reaching the 55pct SR is no longer possible. To me, this is not a fail. It is an intentional decison that brings us closer to our ideal live, already today. For 2017, as we have a system in place, this does no longer need to be a goal. In the end, I prefer to be more present now and having a lot of experiences now, compared to an future promise. Afterall, I do not hate my job.

2- Net worth: amberindex of 27,6

At the end of November, we were exactly where we needed to be to reach our goal. I love it when a plan comes together.image-3

3- Need for Speed income: aim for 1000 EUR

passiveincome201611Trading option exceeded my expectations. By the summer, I was well positioned to reach 5-6K this year. Then I got greedy, stupid, stubborn, outright dumb – you name it. Good lessons. I am sitting on quite some paper loss in gold mine stock.

Despite that, I am well on track to reach 3K of profit from premium this year, and another 1K in dividends and trading income. That means a total of 4K. Money I earned extra.



Personal goals to evolve as a person

1- Run twice a week and try to run a race

After a great start of the year, I managed to run 10K. Rain, below 0 tempratures, wind, I ran 2/3 times per week. Until my knee got hurt. I had to stop. I will look for more medical support. I hope to continue soon.

On the other hand, I now bike to the train station almost every day. This is a 5KM one way exercice.

2- Read 3 personal development books

Big fail. I reached half a book. I guess I am not that much of a reading guy.

What is coming?

For 2017, I plan to keep trading options and generating extra income from that.

Inspired by some many other people out there, I also discussed with work a month of parental leave. That means I will be able to spend way more time with my family in 2017. That is an incredible thing to do. I am grateful that this is possble, both from a financial perspective as from work perspective. We will save less and we will gain so much in family interaction and relations. To me, that is the main goal for 2017!

Since the start of 2016, I kept track of an adjusted amberindex. More in line with our goals, vision and actual finances. I will start to use that one. The percenatge we are at will increase, the end date remains unchanged.

Happy 2017!


12 thoughts on “2016 – thumbs up or down?

  1. Ciao ATL,
    All in all it seems like a positive year, and most importantly I see a lot of clear objectives for 2017. We cannot foresee the future of course but I always say that if one has a clear view of where he/she is heading half of the path is already covered!
    Have a great 2017!



  2. I love this line – “It is an intentional decision that brings us closer to our ideal live, already today.” You made some really important decisions and since you don’t hate your job – it makes so much sense! Also love that you don’t have regrets over moving to the start-up! Happy New Year!


  3. Congrats on an awesome year ABT – it looks like you’ve found a good balance between living in the now and saving for tomorrow.
    Wishing you all the best in 2017 and I look forward to following along on your journey!
    Best wishes,


  4. Looks like a pretty succesful 2016 to me! We wish you all the best and lots of luck and fun in 2017.
    Will touch base this week about arrangements for February!


  5. Hey Amber!

    2017 will be a big year for you! I used to read your blog in 2015, and your new layout looks great!

    If you can find time, reading books is a great way to increase your knowledge. I have a goal to read 75 books in 2017… we will see if I get there…



  6. Hey ATL,

    Happy new year!

    You know, about the second year I think is when I realized that irrespective of how many goals I did not achieve, the ones I do achieve take me much much farther towards the goal of FIRE. So, congrats on another successful year under the belt on the journey towards FIRE!

    I am going to steal one goal category from you: Personal goals to evolve as a person.
    I really like this category….will think about some for my personal goals in this category.


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