Perspective from a charity run

With our nose very often into our savings rate, asset allocation and the market behaving bad, there is a risk of loosing perspective. A few weekends back, I participated in a charity run. The profit goes to cancer treatment.

With the sickness sneaking closer and closer to friends and family, I was instantly motivated to participate. This way, I felt that at least I could help a bit. Next to being there and listening to the persons that have the disease, there is little we can do.

The event is actually a big nation wide initiative with local events. It also becomes a good family happening. I took the kids there on Saturday afternoon. They also did a small running tour, watched a dance performance, got clown and princess make up, jumped on inflatable castles. They loved it.

Low activity at 6 AM

Later that evening, I returned to do my share of running for the team. The idea is that each team has during 24 hours always someone on the move. You can get your run or walks sponsored by friends and as such raise money. At different moments, people testify on their fight against the disease. One such a special occasion is the candle ceremony. The whole trail is the  lit by candles.This is such a nice setting to run!

As there were some gaps open, I also did a one hour walk from 6am – 7am. Very quiet.



During the testimonials there was a very serene atmosphere and a lot of people thinking about people they know… Despite the relative cold, there was a warm feeling. An experience that will stay. For sure, I will be back next year.

For me, the real heroes are less the midnight runners. It are the people that fight and find the continuous the energy to live. The key lesson for me is that life needs to be enjoyed now and that small things matter.



24 thoughts on “Perspective from a charity run

  1. Great post – despite our roles as financial bloggers, our health and friends and family are so much more important than investment returns. Glad to hear you were able to take part in such a meaningful event.


  2. The scene looks cool. Lighted paths for running. It’s important to take time and participate in events such as this one. It’s also a good time to reflect on how lucky we are. Nice job.


  3. Thanks for sharing ATL. It’s great reading other people’s investment journeys, it helps confirm we are all on the right track. I like reading about personal experiences that inspire the most – as these are very personal and I get a feeling for who you are as a person.


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  4. What a wonderful story. I love that you participated, and that you found a way to take action on something where it is very easy to feel powerless. I love events like this for helping to bring attention to important causes, though I have also learned that they can occasionally have high overhead expenses (though doesn’t sound like that was true for yours — you can tell it’s a money maker for some consultant if everyone gets a t-shirt, there are lots of banners everywhere, and just lots of other event costs visible). So now I still do events like that, but rather than donate all the money through the event, I write the check directly to the charity. 🙂

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    1. That is a good approach as well: write the check to the organization itself… Your are sure then to reach the people you want to help.
      This event will likely stay on my list for the energy that it brigs from listening to the people that suffer from the disease.

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  5. The candlelit run appears very beautiful. My dad passed away from cancer and one of the things that I learnt from it is that life is short and we need to savour it to the full. Well done for taking part 🙂


  6. That’s great that you did a run! I’ve done one of these relay for life events in the past and they’re fantastic! It’s a great way to support friends/family and raise money for further research. Thanks for taking a moment on your investing blog to remind us what really matters. Money is fun and important, but really it’s all about people. Great blog and keep up the excellent writing!


  7. Runs can be a great way to help raise money and awareness for issues. I’m glad you guys had a good time! Generous living is great to help organizations and people we meet, but we really prioritize it in our family, in part because of the effect it has on us. I never feel more rich than when I have extra time, energy and money to share in a way that makes the world a bit better.


  8. I always found these type of runs interesting. I’ve been a long distance runner for most of my life and have a couple marathons under my belt, I lost count of how many 5ks and done a number of these “stay moving runs”.

    It’s a great way to get people out and moving who don’t normally participate. All while for a great cause. The people who go to these things are simply the BEST. I’m glad you were able to participate in one of these.

    Plus, while you ran. Your investment portfolio still made money. =) I love dividends.


  9. “With the sickness sneaking closer and closer to friends and family, I was instantly motivated to participate. This way, I felt that at least I could help a bit. Next to being there and listening to the persons that have the disease, there is little we can do.”

    Have a look here (and make sure you read some of the linked medical liturature), and be amazed at how much you can do to prevent or slow down cancer progress by simply changing what you eat:

    How is the knee?


  10. This looks like a beautiful run and one that was for a good cause. Funny to see how everyone is running in this community, is there a trend? 🙂
    Anyways, congrats for running and sharing the experience!


  11. Hi ATL, thanks for sharing the running experience, staying active is definitely an important part of any financial plan and doing it for a great cause makes it all the more worthwhile. Personally, I have participated in activities and runs/walks for cancer and have always found it gratifying.

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