January 2020 Options trading results

Option trading is something that I like a lot. And the last few months, I have picked it up again. So, here we go with renewed updates on my option trading

January 2020 income: 172,25

Before commenting on this number, I would like to put in perspective. Is this a lot or not? It all depends on the capital that I used and the amount of margin (leverage) I apply. These are the 2 main elements that make it hard to compare option revenue between people.

It is kinda like comparing dividend income. In the end, it comes down to how much money you have invested.

I have been sloppy and unprecise on how much capital I used. I started to log this better now so I can report this going forward.

Where does the profit comes from?

(This is not for inspiration. It is only for reporting and education)

7 covered calls on GDX.

To add complexity to the profit relativity calculation above, I should actually take these stock then into account. That sounds too complex for me.

1 naked put on KBC

Trades that need attention

The coronavirus messed up my trade on a China ETF. I will see if rolling makes sense, if not, I will go for assignment.

For some reason I do not know yet, Royal Dutch Shell is down and my put is in the money. I think I will go for assignment

I am dragging with me play on silver since september. No idea yet what I will do here.

In my system, each time that I get assigned stock, I reduce the open positions that I can have. Hence, getting assigned the China ETF and RDSA will block half of my current liquidity… Not funny… Part of the game

I am happy that I found back my interest in trading, investing and by extension blogging. This are clearly elements that add to the happiness in my life.


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