Living life at 100 pct

Living now is important. Making sure our future self can FIRE and live a great life is also important. Balancing both is a challenge.

A few weekends ago, We had a great time. It can serve as a template for out future life.

During the week, my wife and I restarted with an old habit: the no-gadget evening. This means we can not watch TV and can not use the internet. This creates a great opportunity to set up some us-time. Having 2 kids and jobs, this is not always easy. Our first evening like this was a great success. We were able to discuss in greater detail what we did the last week, were we want to go in our life. Not that we do not do this normally, the talks often stay too close to the surface.

The work week brought some satisfaction as well. A handful of tasks were finally completed.


On Friday, I got to get some party time. With a good friend, we went to a techno concert of a German DJ. Wow, wow wow. We had a great time. I can’t remember that I danced 2,5 hours straight in a row. And we were not the only ones… Most people had a great time on the beats. The DJ returned  no less than 4 times, as we kept asking for more.

Before the concert, we did some catching up. It is at times like this that you realise that living now is key.



Later that weekend, our daughters had a performance with their gym club. They were really proud when I took them to the final repetition. They were even more proud during the show: the grand parents were there to see the show. Their part in the show lasted about 8 minutes and was themed Superman!

We also try to bring them some culture. On Sunday morning we took them to a kids theatre play about a cook. This was a great play with a lot of interactivity for the kids. Our oldest even got to go on stage to help out the cook with his story. Great experience for them.

Why do I share all of that?

The more I think about FIRE, the more I realise we need to live the life we want now

Striving for FIRE is not as such a goal. It is the journey towards a free life that is really interesting. Being able to do things you like and value is top. It makes the effort we take look so easy. They even do not look like an effort. The budgeting we do becomes a habit and is almost effort less, we have fun money to pay for our entertainment, we manage to save and invest in a highly automated way. All these contribute to enjoying life now while taking care of our future self.

How do you balance between living now and saving for later?


21 thoughts on “Living life at 100 pct

  1. Excellent post! This is what a lot of people are missing. It’s not about money, it’s about freedom. Freedom to do whatever YOU want with your life. Freedom not to worry about the ‘what if’s’ in life.

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  2. Great post, AT. It sounds like you are doing really well in balancing between having fun and enjoying the journey and keeping an eye on the budgeting side of things. I havent been to a techno event in a few years — lots of good memories 🙂



  3. I’m with you – I want the life now!! 🙂

    For me, it’s all about patience… I’ve figured out the numbers and know when I can call it quits. And that’s made me want to strive to do even more to push the date up so I can enjoy that life sooner than later.

    — Jim


  4. Great stuff. You can’t live your lives constantly looking forward to something else. Because when you “finally” reach the thing you’ve been looking forward to, you don’t know what to do, or you have something else to look forward to. It’s a constant moving target. I wrote an article on this a while ago that might be interesting for you to read (sorry for the shameless self-plug)


  5. Hey Amber, nice post. The way I try to do it is, do the things that are fun but cheap now. Then in the future (in a decade or 2) do the fun things that cost a lot, like travelling to other countries. That way we can compound our saved money between now and then, whilst still having a good time now.



  6. The road to financial independence is a long one for most of us, so we may as well enjoy the ride! Good story, it’s important not to miss out now while preparing for later. You kids will be all grown up before you know it.

    Thankfully the best things in life are free, so spending midfully will sometimes force you to pay more attention to one another 🙂


  7. I love this post! Such a good reminder to be present and live in the now while also planning for the future. Your DJ show made me excited for some techno we’ll get to see and dance to next month — can’t wait! And we definitely need some more of those no-tech evenings or weekend days, and not just put that off until after we retire.


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