Passive income Sept 2016

When I started out to document my options income, I had no idea what to expect. I thus set low goals, as a way to have a target and not to oblige myself too much into taking risk with options. We are now 3 quarters into 2106, and it has been amazing.

Option Income

After a rather bad month of August, the results normalised again in September. I did consolidate a lot of my learnings over the summer and I am stricter again with my trading. No more emotions, no more breaking my own limits. I diversify again in my trades, I use alerts again. I am hopeful for the last quarter.

September resulted in 175,09 EUR of realised option income. Looking where I come from, this is not too bad. I am still cleaning up some of the Summer mess. This eats up quite a lot of my buying power and does not generates profits.


For me, the results are positive. This new activity represent YTD 2157 EUR. This is extra money, money I would not have had otherwise. Agreed, I do take some risk to make that money. When I sum up my whole play money activity (realised gain only) , I come in just below 2,5K. That is 55pct of our ski holiday!

Dividend Income

Dividend income is not at all my core strategy. I just experiment with it in order to get the feeling of this. And I want to understand the taxes. Often, my dividends are a by product of my play money activity.

In September, I got money from 1 stock: RDSA. They gave me 76,95 EUR. That is 1, 125 pct return this quarter on my cost basis (The stock is underwater right now). On a yearly basis, that is 4,6 pct. I am ok with this. Let’s see what happens to these big oil companies.

How was your non working income?

19 thoughts on “Passive income Sept 2016

  1. Congrats on getting back to positive income Amber Tree. Nice and steady money is better than some huge negatives, that’s for sure. But you take the good with the bad sometimes.

    Nice job with the dividend income too, it’s always good to get free money.

    Good luck with next month 🙂



  2. Hey AT,
    pretty sweet that you already covered about 60% of the sky holiday with money earned from doing virtually nothing. Nice! Hoping for a couple of good months so that you can have a complete free holiday!

    We came in at about €550 in dividends, so pretty good. Post about this income is still to follow.
    Take care!


  3. Nice to have passive income flowing in. Especially if you can generate some extra money using your play money. I had about 0.2% dividend income in September. Did not check my gain or loss on the stock prices themselves, only do that once per quarter


  4. It’s great that you can make your play money grow and help fund a vacation! We have some dividend income we’ll need to look at closely in 2017. We’ll be monitoring and manipulating our adjusted income to keep within a good range for receiving Obamacare subsidies.


  5. Sucky deal about August, but hopefully you come out a better trader because of it 🙂 Think you’ll steer clear of VIX from now on or just approach it more carefully in the future?


  6. Nice job ATL. That’s a big dividend for just one company. Of course I love your dividend income as well. There’s a debate going on over at my site on how I recognize options income. When you get a chance, take a look. I’d like your opinion.


  7. Thanks for sharing your passive income results. Look forward to following your options trades going forward as you learn from your mistakes and perfect a strategy that you are comfortable using. With one bad month out of nine it seems like you are getting the hang of trading options. At least one company paid you dividends for the month to offset a little of a rough August.


  8. Seems like a really good month after an expensive lesson in August. Glad to hear that you were able to apply the lessons from last month to make some money this month. Congrats.


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