Amber Index and Saving Rate – April 2016

This report, I will start  with something completely different. In July 2016, there will be the first Financial Independence Week Europe. With my wife, we decided to attend this great initiative of What Life Could Be. Getting to see Budapest and meeting other European FI bloggers is a something that we look forward to! Check out the site and maybe we meet you there!


Savings Rate April 2016

The savings rate for 2016 was actually a pretty nice one. This was expected as some work related extra payments were made to our accounts. We depend heavily on these extra payments to reach our ambitious saving rate we have. Other than that, it would be dull to report these numbers. We do pay ourselves first. With this, we fix the amount we save/invest per month. We spend what is left over.

Due to a change in out life plans, we now have a travel fund that needs cashflow. As a result, May/June will be way below average month for the savings rate. This is a deliberate and personal choice we make. We put at risk the 2016 goal.


Saving hard does not mean there is no fun. We had a kids free weekend in Gent with shopping and nice food. 2 times sushi and an experimental restaurant with oysters with milk foam. This is the kind of experiences I want!

Amber Index

The last Amber Index I published got a good question from a fellow blogger geldistijd. I think it is worth while to explain the amber index in more detail. The question was on how to compare progress with others. Analysing the value that I publish, you get to see how much I am on track towards my definition of financial independence.Looking at the graph below, you see we have done 1 quarter of the journey so far!


We are still slightly below the plan. As mentioned before, this is nothing we worry about now. The road is still long. A lot could happen between now and 2029. The most important to us is that we live now while preparing the future as well.

How was your April? Will we see you un Budapest?

21 thoughts on “Amber Index and Saving Rate – April 2016

  1. hey hey! Thanks for sharing the info about FIWE! It’s really cool you decided to come and we’re really looking forward to meeting you.
    For all european FIRE bloggers out there: if you read this, and you would like to attend, please get in touch with us (see contact page on our blog) and let us know!

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  2. Sounds like a really cool event! And congrats that you’re already 25% there. It’s great to hear that us savers still get to enjoy amazing and exotic experiences like oysters and milk foam 🙂


  3. Sounds like a great time wish I could take a trip overseas this year!

    April was great all around it seems like, no complaints from me

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  4. Well done, back over 25% again, nice! And thanks to the extra payments, the saving rate is stellar! Sincerely hope you can still make your target for the year.

    We discussed going to FIWE, but “unfortunately” we will be getting the keys to our new house and thus will be moving and doing some minor repairs at that time. Would have loved to go, but it will have to be next year I’m afraid.


  5. hey 🙂

    even if we are behind the plan, that doesnt mean we are not on track.
    as you mentioned: the road is long. we have so much time left and a very good starting base 🙂

    keep it up 🙂

    best regards


  6. The road is long AT, and it’s a marathon…..not a sprint. You guys are making great progress….and I for one am quite jealous about Budapest. It’s on my list for sure 🙂

    Have a great weekend AT!


  7. Hi atl,

    I’m looking forward to reading about the FIWE get-together! The Amber Index has been on a roll lately so that’s always fun to watch too!

    Best wishes,


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