teaching kids about finance

Why blogging? not only to get my own thoughts straight and keep myself accountable. I also dream to leave content that can serve as a basis to teach my kids about finance. Will it work?

In order for his to work, I need 2 things: content and kids that learn

kids that learn

At their age, it is hard to say if they are good learners or not. There are still some many things that they need to develop before it becomes clear. Yet, I do have good hopes that all will work out fine. I will demonstrate this with 2 small stories

Riding the bike

When they want to ride the bike, they are obliged to put on their biking helmet. They are not yet such a reliable bikers, sometime, they fall. A helmet provides great protection.

When we go out on a trip with the bike, I now have no choice but to wear my own helmet. No matter what.

Crossing the street

For more than a year now, when crossing the street, I stop and tell them to look left, then right and then left again. After enough repetition, the message seems to get through. If I now dare to cross the street without looking let, right left again, then they summon me to stop and look out for upcoming traffic. The seed is tarting to grow. Our oldest even goes one step further, she does left, right, left, right, left.

Imagine she does this with her future savings rate. She will retire really early

Both stories give me hope. If we teach them something, they take over the message we want to bring them.


The content of my blog is a mix of my experience and plain ex cathedra lectures on asset allocation, risk,… This should help them to get started. Via the blogroll, it is possible to reach out to other interesting sources.  I think this will be the trick.

I do not expect them to read all I write. I see blogging as an opportunity to start a conversation with them on a financial subject.

next steps

We already introduced the concept of money to them. We explain that we need to pay in order to buy items, access to the pool or zoo,… The concept “money” starts to enter their life. They also understand we need to work to get money. In a few years, It would be great to show them how money can work for you.

Part of the education is that we teach them to make choices. We do not buy all they want. Partly because we do not want them to think it is easy to get stuff. We do explain that we have other plans with that money. One day, I hope to tell them the other plan is FIRE.

We had a difficult moment when our daughter asked where all the paper money went she got for her birthday. When I told II brought it to the bank, there was panic, fear, sadness… She thought I gave it all away… so cute. It took some time and effort to explain that they keep it all safe of her. The banks app was a great support. I was able to logon and show her account balance. She knows how to read some numbers and that reassured her somewhat.

as a next step, we see giving a weekly allowance. This will help us to teach the concept of saving. She does not have to save all the money. An exact plan is not there yet, but I imagine she needs to save to buy some bigger items.


9 thoughts on “teaching kids about finance

  1. I think it will be one of the great joys and great achievements of raising children, if we can impart some financial wisdom, along with hopefully a few doses of general ‘life wisdom’. I also imagine my children reading the blog one day, and hopefully reading some posts that already resonate with them, having grown up with some exposure to these ideas!

    Sounds like you’ve doing great with teaching some of those financial lessons already. We are not quite at the point of teaching these things yet since my daughter is only 3, but she already knows I go to work each day to ‘get the money’, so we can buy things like food 🙂


    1. Having your kids reading and commenting gone the blog is such a good mental picture that motivates a lot. I do hope it happens to a lot of us and that they can reach financial independence sooner than us.

      Out youngest is three… She also knows we need to work to buy things. With the older one, we try to explain that we do not buy everything they want, as we have other priorities in life.


  2. Funny how that works with kids and money. Ours is not at that age yet, but we will make sure she will get a solid financial and frugal education (albeit the latter probably won’t be appreciated until she gets older).

    Good luck!


    1. Giving kids a solid set of values is so important, at the same time a challenge.
      And I agree, they will only fully appreciate when they are older and see the benefits of all of that.



  3. Hi Ambertreeleaves,

    It is good to learn kids about money and how to handle it. It will serve them good in the rest of their lives, just like you need to learn kids about good manners and respect.



  4. This was a lovely post.
    It is so important to teach your kids the value of money and through your content, you can share an interest with them when they are a bit older. I’m sure your lessons will prepare them well for their own financial futures.


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