Amber index and Savings rate report November 2015

In line with a lot of others in the community, I share my progress on the road to FIRE. The date is planned in 2029 and with this post, you see some progress to this goal.

October was an interesting period. It was one of the best months ever for the markets. Whoohoo. But it comes just after a very bad month for the market. So all in all, we are back at square 1, are we not?  Drafting the numbers one day sooner or later can have a big impact. The numbers are what they are, a snapshot of now, one stop on the journey to FI. These numbers are taken on Nov 2.

Savings rate

The November Savings Rate is in line with August and September. There are no exceptional items that came our way, so we saved 49pct of our income (for the full calculation). Our savings rate is supposed to be the same each month, as we pay ourselves first.

We did buy already some easter gifts. You can not start early enough. They are show ticktes for K3. This is a very famous and wanted girlsband that our kids love. Being fast is needed if you want good tickets.

We are YTD still on track to reach our savings goals. But we will be counting on the X-mas bonus to reach our goals.


Full SR YTD: 58pct (this includes mortgage payments and some other specific flows)

Revise SR YTD: 30,1pct (This are the pure flows towards investment accounts)

Amber index: progress towards 2029

We have reached a new high: 24,6!  Reaching our 24,8 index goal is back something very feasable… Lets see what surprise the market throws at us. Will it be up or down? We invest each month in our tracker portfolio, we are investing for the long run.


Also worth to note: the Belgian government will start a speculation tax: If you sell something within 6 months, you are taxed a whopping 33 pct. Losses can not be deducted. A tax that is unique in the world!

What is your progress?


2 thoughts on “Amber index and Savings rate report November 2015

  1. Hey Amber Tree,

    Good work with the savings rate – I’m simply pleased to be in positive territory on the savings front these days, perhaps one day I’ll hit the 50% threshold like yourself, likely many years from now!

    Thats an interesting tax the Govt is proposing! I think I like it – will probably help many people become better investors by committing to their investments for the longer-term!


    1. A savings rate is something that constructs itself over years. That is how I look at it. We managed to keep our budget more or less the same, while keeping salary increases for saving. Most og this happened when we were illiterate about the FIRE community. Happy about that…

      Tha way you look at the tax is interesting. Ata high level, that is indeed nobel: keep people invested for the long term, make them all long term investors. But, that is not how many investors look at it. There a just too many twists and unclear elements in the communication…


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