Does semi Financial Independence exists?

The journey for Financial Independence is a marathon. It takes a lot of time before you reach the finish line. It can be quite demotivating not to see the end. While reading blogs and comments on my site, I actually came to realise that there are maybe multiple stages in financial independence.


Intangible Risk

Investing in the stock market is not a free lunch. You take risk in order to get a reward. If anyone else tells you there is free money out there, then it is very likely a scam. Risk is something you not always see.

Adjusting the plan

Although the recent events were not (yet) a crash, rather a correction of about -12pct, it is weird to see what all the side action. This is the first real correction that I observe from close by. The past corrections or crashes, I was not into personal finance as I am today. I was therefore curious to see … More Adjusting the plan

The ideal life

Reading posts on how to live your live when early retired started a thinking process. What would I do when I am financial independent? It is not in my nature to do nothing. So, I try now to design my ideal life. This is the first iteration. I am curious to see where it takes … More The ideal life