October 2016 Income

While still recovering from my great summer ideas, I continue to to do what I like: writing options to gain a passive additional income. October was yet an interestingt month where I extended my knowledge and insights further.

Passive Income – June 2016 – the techno edition

Before jumping into the June 2016 number, there is something to share. The past 6 weeks, I have not been very active at all in the community and on my blog. After a very intense spring – maybe too intensive-, it looks like I burned out from blogging. I could not find the energy anymore. … More Passive Income – June 2016 – the techno edition


The play money

The person that I am has a little dark side. This becomes visible in the need to for speed. I want to see that things move, that my actions create results, that things move. Not over the long term, but right here, right now! And this is not in line with the general idea of … More The play money

Garden dividend

During the winter, we have remodeled our garden and driveway. We had some wishes, including the following 2: place for a mini-vegetable garden for the wife and room for a berry-corner for me. Both our personal wishes became reality! Once the works were finished, I could not wait to see eat the results.