How spreadsheets facilitate communication.

Like most people on the journey to Financial Independence, I have a series of spreadsheets filled with a lot of data and formulas. These documents allow me to track my progress on the Amber Index and in play money. Are they helping me to communicate with my wife? How could the cloud help me even … More How spreadsheets facilitate communication.


I am mechanical

No, I am not a droid or a iRobot. I just make my life easy by automating a lot and being mechanical in decision taking when it comes to investing and trading.

what is enough?

Not so long ago, a discussion with a coworker got into the early retirement subject, to be more precise: how much is enough. This is indeed a good question: when can you stop working and be sure? Honestly, this is a question that is in the back of my mind. There are so many variables … More what is enough?