Monthly investing in ETFs

2 months ago, I decided to start again with our monthly investing. I am convinced that investing each month your salary surplus is the best way for the long term. And I have to admit: it is easier than it sounds. Our emotions screw up the plan easily!

Intangible Risk

Investing in the stock market is not a free lunch. You take risk in order to get a reward. If anyone else tells you there is free money out there, then it is very likely a scam. Risk is something you not always see.

I am mechanical

No, I am not a droid or a iRobot. I just make my life easy by automating a lot and being mechanical in decision taking when it comes to investing and trading.

Portfolio vs Risk Tolerance

After the big moves in January and February, I thought it would be a good time to look at my portfolio and how it performed. This seems to be a good practice to me. It comes down to the question of risk tolerance. Is my portfolio in line with what my stomach can support?