Monthly investing in ETFs

2 months ago, I decided to start again with our monthly investing. I am convinced that investing each month your salary surplus is the best way for the long term. And I have to admit: it is easier than it sounds. Our emotions screw up the plan easily!

Let’s start again

About a year ago, I stopped my monthly contributions to my ETF portfolio. Officially, due to the increased risk at the job: I wanted more cash. With hindsight it might have been a valuation issue. My last buy was in June 2016 – rebalancing my emerging markets exposure.

Selling put options for dividend investors

The following article originally appeared on DivGro on  Jul 14 2017. Big thx to Ferdis to start a guest post series on options! If you’re a dividend growth investor, you buy a stock and capture the dividend for reinvestment. Did you know that selling puts could boost your income? Yes, there are horror stories about options. … More Selling put options for dividend investors