Does semi Financial Independence exists?

The journey for Financial Independence is a marathon. It takes a lot of time before you reach the finish line. It can be quite demotivating not to see the end. While reading blogs and comments on my site, I actually came to realise that there are maybe multiple stages in financial independence.


Intangible Risk

Investing in the stock market is not a free lunch. You take risk in order to get a reward. If anyone else tells you there is free money out there, then it is very likely a scam. Risk is something you not always see.

playmoney – progress

One of my 2016 goals is to generate some income with my play money. By having playmoney, I keep myself occupied and active on the markets. This is only a small part of my portfolio. The vast majority is then left alone, like it should be.

My 2016 goals

Now that 2015 is over and the goals are analysed, it is time to think about 2016. Next to pure financial goals, I also will put in some personal development goals.

2015 goals review

Part of the reasons for me to keep a blog, is to keep track of my progress and my goals. Consider this my personal log. By doing so, I intend to keep myself motivated. Lets look at the 2015 goals and the results.

Goals review

Being in the middle of our yearly holiday seems to be a great moment to review the 2015 goals. We are enjoying some quality time with the 4 of us, and having some friends and family visiting us from time to time. It also give me the time to work on some blog posts and … More Goals review