March 2020 Financial report

The month of March was a good month for the budget. I stayed well under my self imposed budget. The reason is a little sad – Confinement…!

I ended the month 169,49 EUR below budget.

March 2020 spending (excluding utilities, insurances, housing and some other)

Not surprising that household now is the biggest category. Staying home all the time means that is the only real expense you can make. And I thus eat more at home and less in restaurants and at work.

Still, restaurants is a quarter of the budget. Simple to explain: I used an app to that offers social deals in restaurants for a discount. I bought 4 in March, to be used once the confinement is over. My girlfriend and I will be able to eat out “for free” once bars and restaurants open again. I look forward to that!

I also used the low expense month to buy extra cloths: socks, underwear and pull overs. Next in April: jeans and shoes.

And I am fed up with the poor wifi in my house. I will buy an extra Access Point to improve wifi inhouse.

Amber Tree index

As expected, the market volatility has little impact on my FI number. In times of a bear market, that is good. I normal times, this is bad. Hence, I started to move cash out of “Tak21” accounts and into the market. I only do this when I do not have to pay the penalty for early break up.

At this speed, I will never retire early!

Amber Index

How was your March?


6 thoughts on “March 2020 Financial report

  1. Glad to see your update. How did you get cash out of your tak 21 without the penalty? And what’s the app for having social deals at restaurants? Thanks in advance!


      1. 8 years… I guess I’ll have to wait a bit. Good thing I discovered index funds and stopped contributing to it. Thank you for the tip!


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