February 2020 Financial report

After the option trading report, it is now time to look at the financial report for February 2020. I am quite happy with the month of February.

February Financial report

Good news: I stayed within my self imposed budget. I came in with 82€ below budget. Party…!

Again, my top expense category was restaurants and drinks. As Belgians, we are known for our interest in the good life. And I have no regrets. There are a lot of smaller expenses for a sandwich or a drink in the evening. For me, these are part of the lifestyle I want. I brownbag as much as possible and at the same, that makes it very enjoyable to have a reasonable priced lunch or dinner.

With my girlfriend, we also had an unplanned Valentine dinner. That was actually nice as we discovered an upscale Fish and Chips place in our hometown. And the day after we went to for a night out and a hotel sleep in Antwerp. We do that often, in the weekends that we are kid free.

February 2020 expenses

Amber Tree index for February

The amber index stayed very stable in February.

Amber Index February 2020

There was a small setback compared to January, Yet, nothing compared to what the market did. I need to write on that. Spolier alert: I hardly have any money earmarked AmberIndex in my portfolio.

The losses are due to my option trading. I am ok with that.

How was your January.


5 thoughts on “February 2020 Financial report

  1. Every time I’m in Belgium I’m amazed at the value for money of the food compared to the Dutch restaurants. You pay a lot here in NL, even for a very simple steak frites.


  2. Good that you are looking for that balance between enjoying the good things and saving money. Keep it up! Though 36% does seem quite a lot or does this include the overnight stay?


    1. The overnight stay is not in there. To put things in perspective, this budget excludes insurance, electricity, water,… It is only the allowance money for loving outside fixed expenses


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