Option Income – March 2018

March is over. Time for a report on the option trading. Still sweating out an over sized postion that goes against me.

Option Income – 134,41€

Well, that is only 25 pct of what a regular month should look like…!

This is due to 2 factors

1- an oversized elephant in my portfolio tat blocks most of my available capital. I missed the window of opportunity to close out the position as Iw as greedy. Yet again…! It learned me to close out some other positions. That means that I now am only slightly over invested in options.

2- Due to a curve ball in life, I decided to reduce my leverage to 0. For a brief moment i  time, I even considered moving a big part of the portfolio to cash. One should only invest what he can miss the next 5-10 years. That became doubtful. I stay invested, yet decided to keep the leverage at 0. That means I need to close a lot more positions before I can invest in new positions


Due to point 1 and 2, I have not been able to start selling calls to have a more neutral portfolio. This will have to wait until capital frees up in my options portfolio.

My YTD results is not as it should be be. I am only at 6,32%. Way below my last years results of 13%… We know the reasons…

In the mean time, we enjoy a family holiday at the Belgian coast.


3 thoughts on “Option Income – March 2018

  1. I als didn’t kill my leverage when I had the change too. it was busy at work and it only briefly touched the price i wanted but excuses. Could have done it ata bit lower price the next day but was confident it was going to rebound. Well, here is the pain back!


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