November Passive Income // Where is the FIRE spirit

From an investing point, November was as it should be: boring ETFs and fun with options. That part of the system works well!

Option Income – 736,55€

November has been a regular month for my option trading. No new high, just in the usual range of my income.



The income comes from 17 different stock and ETFs. AMS:AD and EBR:ABI being this months biggest contributors to my option income.

YTD, I have an annualised return of 13,44%.

What is going on with my first strangle?  The stock trades well within the limits of the 2 options. It does take however a lot of time before I can take it off the table. I am curious to see what my return will be. I do think I will continue to trade a strangle, in order to learn and have a more neutral strategy. With puts only, I am essentially long.

The Elephants

TEVA – grandfather elephant

Still there, going nowhere…

(not disclosed) – father elephant

No change

No fun so far… floating lower than I imagined.

AMS:AD – baby elephant

Cleared up most of my positions that are ITM and I now keep adding to this position. I still have an ITM put.

Stock is now around 16, that means I made some profit on the 15 puts that I had.

GDX – Perma elephant

This will be an eternal elephant. It is part of my setup to balance bad news. It means that I will have short puts to diversify and I will have short calls on the assigned GDX. Not really an elephant. Part of the way I trade. I just need to avoid that it becomes a too big position in my portfolio.

Same size, still a little bigger than I want it to be…

And I decided to add to Silver mines in parallel. I still need to analyze the difference in holdings between those 2


How was your November?



9 thoughts on “November Passive Income // Where is the FIRE spirit

  1. Just finished my overview as well but set it to publish tomorrow morning.
    I think you made a mistake on AD as the stock is now trading around 18 euro!
    I need to read up about strangels, I used to have a good book about them … 😉


  2. Looks like you are doing quite well with your passive income stream. Those options premiums continue to pad your overall stream along with your stocks and funds. That TEVA elephant is still bothering my portfolio too. Oh well. I plan to hold mine still. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi,
    Thank you fore sharing your experiences. Please do more of the “Option Interview” series. I am eager to read those topics. They are very encouraging.



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