Progress in the kids education

One year ago, I took the kids to the fair in our town. It was a fun visit, with a lot of lessons. We are now one year later. Did we improve?

This time, I took only the oldest one, on a lazy Sunday afternoon while the younger one was at a birthday party.

Before starting, I told her I would give only a certain amount that she could spend, anything else would need to come from her weekly allowance. There was no applause for me! In the end, she accepted, rushed up and took some of here money.

Off we go, with the bike off course!

Once at the fair, I was amazed. She first did a tour to see what was available. What a big difference with last year! Last year it was brainless picking of any attraction that looked remotely fun. After the tour, she had seen some things she liked and wanted to do. She did some math and picked 2 things to do. (I was chocked to see that most attraction are 5€. In my head, it would have been 3€…)

I am happy she made these intentional choices. She had a lot of fun, and on one attraction, I joined her. I paid out of my own pocket. That was part of the deal! We also had a good father-daughter moment that afternoon. Not only talking money and attractions she likes, also talking school, sister and the future.

We ended with an order of churros.

She then took me to another food stand. She was really curious about what they serve there. She wanted the experience, took her own money and ordered one of those big sugar candy floss.

While I do have the money to do way more attraction, I prefer to use an occasion like this to pass a message and provide some learning. I do find it important for them to learn that there are limits, that choices are needed and that fun does not have to mean that you need to get it all.

What is your approach?


4 thoughts on “Progress in the kids education

  1. I do not have kids but this sounds as an approach I would have followed myself. Nice to see you had fun combined so nicely with a learning experience


  2. Nice she gets to understand the opportunity costs! The value of parents teaching their children is extremely important for one’s education.

    I think my parents used a similar approach back in the days.


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