Is medior the new normal – option income

July has been the continuation of June for option trading. Not bad, not excellent either. When I take an helicopter view, income is fine, I just want always more!

Option income – 519,32€

The July Income came in below  what I have seen in other months. I see 2 main reasons

  • At a certain point, about 60 pct of my capital was stuck. How come? Trades were in-the-money and needed to be rolled. That makes it hard to close trades. And when you can close, it is usually for less annual return. Part of the game. Towards the end of July, this started to clear up. Let us see what August brings
  • The dollar is going slowly down. As I report my income in €, it does not help. Actually, this is pure a reporting problem. Why am I focused on this?


For me, a monthly income of 650€-750€ would be ideal. The average since February is 596€. The summer months are not helping.

My YTD annual return now stands at 13,3 pct! No complaints…!

My world trackerAMS:IWDA is practically flat YTD

SPY is roughly up 10pct.

There is no dividend or capital gains to mention this month.

How have you been doing so far?




12 thoughts on “Is medior the new normal – option income

  1. Ciao ATL,
    I have found recently that trading ATM means that predictability of income is the first victim of a bad trade, so if you can keep a certain average every month with options i think it’s a great result. Weak dollar is going to affect returns a little, but also opens up opportunities if you want to buy good stocks at a discount.
    Keep it up!

    ciao ciao



  2. It’s another decent month for sure. 13.3% return for the year must be satisfying – but always want more – me too! Awesome that you’ve had so many +ve months of options returns ATL.


  3. Nice job ATL, your options income is impressive as always. I think it’s important to remember how successful your process is being. Stick with the system! It’s working. Good luck for next month 🙂

    Mr DDU


  4. Decent amount. My swings are to volatile so month to month comparisons do not make a lot of sense. But for the year all the specials together are 7420 euro. So I am around a 1000 euro/month. It will go down as I want to reduce my risk now. But the original plan was to put all spare cash in shares once the leveraged construction is done but now I am thinking to keep it in cash and do more options. With more cash I should get more option income and if next year I am able to crack the 1.200 euro/month I could actually pull the plug then .. Early days but thinking about it ..


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