My experience – Fincon Masters – London

Fincon Masters is a side event series of the yearly Fincon Event. This year, I had the possibility to attend the first London event. It was great fun, with a lot of take aways.

The event started for me with a mastermind session. This is a 3 hours sessions where a limited group of bloggers meet and can discuss their blog, their problems questions and opportunities in a small group, moderated by PT.

It is a great way to learn what other do on their blog to get more and better content, to get more traffic. Elements that apply to my blog and situation

  • Find the right audience and approach for my options content. Later in the evening, it came clear to me that I best split the content off.
  • Unite bloggers in order to share experiences and approaches. And also because it is fun.
  • Reconsider the landing page of my blog.
  • Not everyone has the interest to do DIY investments.

Some of these elements got a kick start during the BENL meetup, more on that later.

The report from the main event with key take aways from the speakers is on the blog of Mustachian post. Go and read it there. Big thanks to the Mustachian post blogger to make it possible for me to go there.

I do hope the event takes place again next year. And it motivates me even more to go to the Fincon yearly event. A 2018 bucket list item? Who wants to join me?


15 thoughts on “My experience – Fincon Masters – London

  1. Cool ! I didn’t know there was a Fincon Masters closer by. I had put Fincon visitin my agenda for this year but I don’t have any vacation days left…so it’s definitely on my list for next year.


  2. I am convinced of the saying: when the pupil is ready the teacher appears. Really interested people will find the blog. And if you are not that interest, I doubt anything I have to say will change that. So all that blog meta stuff, building an audience, just too much work ….
    I do find the stuff interesting, so I got one of my pigs an Instagram account. Honestly, I think he has more followers than I have .. (then again, he is a hell of a lot cuter than me!)


  3. Sounds like a good time! There will be things brewing this year… 🙂
    I’ve heard about FinCon in 2016 for the first time, but the distance, money and time are restraining me from going there. Still I would love to tag along one time. It could make a good trip with all the NL/BE bloggers that wants to join up…


  4. I definitely plan to go to Fincon in 2018. 2017 looks like it probably won’t work since my wife is due with a baby so I’m bummed about that but super excited to attend in the future 🙂


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