Financial update – How much do we save?

Looking at the numbers once in a while is a good habit. And at the ATL house, it is all about habits! So, Let’s see how our summers starts.

A classical to look at is the Savings Rate.  In our community, the higher the better. Normally we do well here. There is the idea to have it drop to 0, all for the good reasons of course: Joy already now! All crazy ideas aside, the next months we will see a low SR.

Why is that? Well, Mr ATL will take a 5 weeks FIRE break in the summer. Technically, it is  parental unpaid leave. We do have expenses that we need to pay each month. Hence, I start to set aside money now to bridge the no income period. In May, we go as low as 10pct and have a YTD of 28pct compared to 34pct last year. We have some more low months to come. Yiehaa…

As part of our monthly layered budget, we also have a life savings fund. Last year, that went well over budget, due to 2 expensive house maintenance costs. 2017 is still on track. Not that I pay much attention to that, as these evil expenses can hit you any time, and mainly when you least expect it. Part of the budget this year is used for a good cause: a big birthday party for friends, family and neighbours. Worth all the money…!

You might wonder: how does the picture fits in? Well, life is about living now. On the picture, you see me, trying to run on water… I participated with some friends in a trial run with challenging exercises while running 5K. Best run ever. So much fun, and mud!

How are your finances moving?



10 thoughts on “Financial update – How much do we save?

  1. Ya know, I have never really been a budgeter. I have done some expense tracking in the past using YNAB, but now just use personal capital mostly.
    Not that I am against budgets, ESPECIALLY for those living close to the financial edge. But now I use that time to work on my side-hustles or just relax from working. I keep track, roughly, in my head.
    My last quarterly money update showed an increase of $16,000 to my net worth. That’s on an income of approx. $65k. So I am keeping up.


    1. Budgets serve a purpose and the need changes over time. i went from budgetting to a high level system now where I do not need detailed categories.
      I keep the numbers each month for the blog, no other reason. I think it can be fun for the stats and story later in life…


  2. Nice, glad to see you are doing well on the exercise front too! Never done a trial run yet, afraid of mud 😉
    Financially we are still going up, but the pace slowed a bit this month due to exchange rates. April was fine, but savings for May are also not going to be very pretty due to many large bills coming our way. Such is life!


  3. Good to see you enjoyed your 5K run! A SR of 28% YTD is still above average. Nice to take a mini-FIRE period off!


  4. The most encouraging part is your techniques and patience. Good to see you success. Got some lesson from here. Definitely, implement it in my YNAB.


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