MMMeetup with Mustachians and a new BENL meetup.

This Saturday, was an excellent day. Sitting in the sun, having a few drinks and talking to Mustachians… What more do you want?

On the MMM forum, there are only a few Belgians. When from Belgium, check out the thread and follow what happens.

I really like to meet like minded people. When you think about it, it is kinda weird. You talk to a stranger on the internet and then decide to meet in real life for a drink. When my kids would tell me this, Red flags all over the place! ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of topics were discussed, here is an anthology

  • Geographical arbitrage in Europe and the 5 flags principle
  • Design life for happiness
    • Go live close to work
    • Work less to have more time to be with the people you love
  • Is a legally acceptable loop hole ethically ok?
  • Sabbaticals for more life joy
  • Investing
  • Car sharing

It is amazing how many ideas there are out there and how an idea from one person can inspire you to try something new.

My advice: go out and meet other people in the FIRE community

There is a new BENL meetup planned on June 17. This is done together with the fine Mr. Cheesy Finance.

This time, we plan to meet in Amsterdam/Utrecht area. We have our eye on a nice meeting room that can hold 35 persons.ย This is what we have in mind

  • Meet around 10:00 for the early birds. Some meet and greet and then a speed dating so that you get to know more people. Come prepared: have a few lines about yourselves (who are you, what is your ideal life, what are your struggles, where/how do you invest, what do you want to learn)
  • Lunch time: bring your own lunch. There will be water/soft drinks
  • Afternoon sessions
    • presentations by participants
    • Group discussion
  • Dinner
    • Here we consider a buffet. We all bring some home made food and desserts.
  • Closing drinks

The whole agenda is flexible, you can come and go when you want. There will be a small contribution (10โ‚ฌ we estimate) to cover for the rent of the room and the drinks we provide.


Interested to join? Want to present a topic or have an idea for a group discussion? Let us a comment. We look forward to meet you all again.


16 thoughts on “MMMeetup with Mustachians and a new BENL meetup.

  1. Hi! I am interested to attend. Here are some subjects I now think of for discussion: crowdfunding, earning with real estate, self-sufficiency, how to make the choice when you are โ€œreadyโ€™ to quit your job and life after work.


  2. It’s getting close! It sounds kinda strange if you put it like that, but it’s one of the best things we did last February, meeting some random internet strangers I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Also like the idea of having speeddates, and a bring your own share for dinner part.


  3. I liked it very much last time, but unfortunately cannot make it this time.
    But I am convinced there will be plenty of opportunities ahead of us to catch up again!


  4. I will be there. Looking forward to it. Keep us informed for the exact location.greetz


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