Let’s get together

One of the ideas behind this blog is to reach out to the community and meet the different people out there. This leads to interesting discussions that in turn can make your own approach, plan and system better.

After the first meetup in Breda and then a second meetup in Antwerp with a lot of great bloggers and people interested in FI, it is time to announce the third meet up.

Save the date: June 17!

Third BENL meetup!

This time, the meetup will take place in central Netherlands, Amsterdam-Utrecht region. We are still working out finer details and a program. More info to come. We are very likely to do another round of presentations with group discussion. Topics you want to discuss or present yourself: drop me or Cheesy Finance a comment and we will be in touch with you.

VFB March 25

Can’t wait that long? On the 25th of March, there is the VFB congress in Antwerp. Are you going? Want to meet for a coffee or tea and chat on finance, investing, systems over goals? Drop me a line, maybe we can meet.


Further out in time, there is the FIWE meetup organized by What Life Could Be. It is actually the first FIWE meetup last year in Budapest that totally convinced me to set up a local meetup group. It was a very interesting weekend. Go to the site and have a look.

Do you know of any other meetup that takes place in Belgium/Holland or not too far away? What is your thoughts on meetups?


19 thoughts on “Let’s get together

  1. It’s great that you’re organising local meetups – I hope a lot of people take the opportunity and go along. It’s a shame you can’t make it to FIWE this year but maybe next year…


  2. I will be there. Carpooling sounds also interesting to me. But I guess we can agree on this when we know the details. Really looking forward to it.


  3. Ahh, how could have missed this post! We loved the last meet-up, so we are coming both again 🙂

    Oh and I have a slight preference for Utrecht… (something with cycle distance :))


  4. I would like to come to the meetup on June 17. I am very excited about learning a lot of new things about Financial Freedom. I don’t have any friends who choose this lifestyle so I would love to meet some like-minded people.


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