How is the new job?

Almost 3 months ago, I said goodbye to a nice job. I had decided to join a start up. I was curious to see what business life in a startup would be, what would be the challenges, how would I behave in that environment.

3 months is not enough to make an in depth comparison between a corporate job and a start up. It is long enough to give some first impressions and answers to some questions.

There has been some comments on the work life balance. All-in-all, to me it is positive.There are a few reasons

  1. The work is very interesting and I feel a lot of personal commitment. I want to be part of the crew that transforms a white piece of paper into a company. I have done projects from scratch before, never from scratch in an environment where there is only a chair, table and internet connection.
  2. For now, we manage to deliver our sprints in line with the expectations. I am not a developer in the team. I play a mixed role of product owner and scrum master (sorry for the tech terms: to make a long story very short, the business analyst and IT project manager). The team gets along very well, we respect each other. We get enough freedom from the management and we all appreciate the feedback cycles we have in place.
  3. Commuting by bike and train removes a lot of stress compared to a car commute. Time wise, it is the same: roughly 45 minutes. Stress wise… can’t compare! I get a lot of energy from taking the bike in the morning, from biking home in the evening and following my favourite blogs in the train. A WIN here as well.
  4. Working hours are comparable to my previous corporate jobs when I had similar roles. Add to that the freedom to work from home from time to time.

To me, work life balance has gained in favour of life.

wp-1474436945799.jpgAdapting to a lower pay check also goes fine, at least, in the day-2-day life. As we lived below our means before, nothing has changed here. We have decided to keep our monthly budget the same. As a result, the difference happens  with the saving and investing. Yes, this is lower than before. Yes, this will impact our FIRE date. The journey is still long. And the habits you get while working towards FIRE are maybe more important that the goal itself. My vision is also changing. Early retirement might not be the goal. Living the ideal life now until forever sounds much more appealing to me.

A little note to end

What is clearly different is my experience vs the experience of the 2 founders. As we work closely together, in the same room, I can see that they have far more to learn and discover than me. They have also more on the line than I have. More risk and more upside potential. That is sure. Kudos to all entrepreneurs out there that take the step to start a new business.


32 thoughts on “How is the new job?

  1. That’s awesome that you’re having such a positive experience by working at this new venture Amber Tree! I totally agree with you on the commuting, it’s so stress free and nice. You get to enjoy the world around you as well.

    Although your pay check may be less, there is also a big chance of pay rises there too as the business expands right? That sounds like it could be good all round!

    Nice move, I’m really happy for you.



  2. Glad to hear the first three months have gone well at work and seems to be positive for your well-being also. Hope the startup sees success. What do you expect as far as toning to reach breakeven, etc? How much are you concerned at all about job security? Thanks for the update!


    1. Till now, I did not request details on the current financials. Job security is lower than in a corporate. I do know that. Thanks to the FU money we have, I am less worried. Yet, it will be a shock when I would loose my job out of the blue.


  3. Living the ideal life now until forever. Great goal, ATL. Good for you for chasing an interesting opportunity instead of “settling”. Money is important, but it’s not everything! Enjoy the experience! Good post.

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  4. Congrats on the positive experience in the startup so far. Too often you hear about the soul crushing hours that start up employees are faced with. It sounds like you found a great company to work and develop your skillset with.


  5. Great to see that you are enjoying the new work and environment. we are both yery happy for you that it seems to work out and it is adding value and energy to your life. Good for you!


  6. Sounds your job change gave you lots of positive energy. I agree the change of attitude living towards FIRE, making live more fulfilling and less wasteful, is very valuable.


  7. Wise words and point of view, not everything is measurable in dollars or euros. Sounds like you really found your spot. I really like this post, the positive energy in it is very contagious!


  8. I’m too old for this, probably. But my idea of a startup that starts with a chair, a table and an internet connection is that it needs engineers not “scrum master and product owners”.

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    1. May be no need to state the obvious but I, obviously, didn’t mean to be offensive!
      It’s just that I don’t understand startups anymore. I still have the “2 nerds in the basement” ideal in mind 🙂


      1. No offence taken…The 2 nerds in a basement would still work if between them they can do all these roles. We have 2 founders with the idea, 4 engineers making it happen and me translating, coordinating, cleaning up loose ends, some planning

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  9. Glad to hear that everything is going well from the corporate life to the startup life. My friend had an offer to work at a startup and he didn’t accept because of the riskiness if the startup will ever be successful. I personally don’t know if I would have the guts to join a startup but I see the benefits of working on it. As the startup becomes more successful, so do the employees!


  10. They say it is not the destination but the journey that is important. Looks like your journey is taking some exciting turns into new areas that is making you think more about what is important. Excellent.
    And what could be bad about new learnings in an environment where people are passionate to succeed? Only good from my perspective.


  11. Glad to see that the move worked out for you. Money isn’t everything. I would gladly take a lower paying job if it resulted in a better life and a more challenging career. Best of luck and hopefully the good times continue!



  12. Seeing terms like “scrum master” and “sprint” makes it feel like I’m reading a co-worker’s blog. 🙂 I’m glad I visited your blog, Amber, and I intend to come back often to check in on your journey. Take care!


  13. You buried the lead! You’re maybe changing your goal — that’s big news! That said, I’m glad the new job is going well. 🙂 “Sprint” is a word I’ve only recently begun to hear at work, and I want to reclaim it to mean “running really fast,” not “pretending to work really fast”! Hahaha.


    1. Well, we also ‘stand up’ each day at 11:45 to chit chat a little… Throw a little ball around.

      Indeed, I am considering an alternative journey and goal… I had a lot of inputs at almost the same time leading to this vision.

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