Amber and life index August 2016

Having  goal and plan in place means that you have to stop and look back once in a while to see where you are compared to the plan. Are we doing fine, is our goal still realistic?

As a good habit, just like many other bloggers, I check and post our progress to the FIRE goal each month. It helps to keep the mind focused on the goal. In our case, the journey is still long, some 13 years ahead of us to the finish line – so a regular check to refocus is more than needed.

August has been a busy month with a lot of events. There was our holiday. It was great to be together as a family. Sadly, the weather and a small inconvenience made us shorten the holiday to one week only. The rest was a staycation. Different, still good. Flexibility is the key to succes!

Other memorable times, things to be thankful for

  • our youngest got to ride a bike without extra wheels as support. We are now training to get her “road ready”. You know: bike in a straight line, stop when we tell her, and do this without falling. I do consider this a great milestone as it increases our action radius on a bike.
  • The oldest won a local sprint race. Although it is no big thing, it made me proud to see her become the first girl to pass the line. Added fun: just an inch behind the first boy.
  • The girls had lots of fun in an amusement park. They did try and liked all the attractions available to them: the “roller coaster”, the swinging boat, free fall,… You name it. To me, this is yet another milestone


All these little things make me enjoy the here and now. And at the same time, they make me realise how fast time goes. And you can not stop it, or boost it like a savings rate. You have 24 hours a day, not more. Once gone, they are gone… And we do not know how much there is ahead of us…

That makes you also question some of the things we do. On my mind right now: would I be willing to delay the FIRE date with 3-5 year in exchange for extra time the next few years with the family? I think the answer is a loud YES… Why: bonding and making memories happens now, not at the age 18 of the kids. I know, it does not all costs money – we do a lot of free stuff. We enjoy that as well. To go on ski holiday or a road trip to another continent, we need to review some number.

The serious stuff: the amber index

Index wise, I can not complain. We remain flat compared to August (or rather, mid august, the timing from the other post). A lot happened in the last 2 weeks. Gold made a big fall, I did realise a big loss in my option trading, There was the hint for a rate hike…

All in all,we are still on track towards our long term goal. No reasons to complain. Let us enjoy this.


How is your life index going?


18 thoughts on “Amber and life index August 2016

  1. You’re still tracking the long term goal which is awesome. It’s awesome you’re getting these great memories from the kids. We just hiked up a local hiking trail with Baby T1.0 (almost 3 year old) and carrying Baby T2.0 on our back. The trail was ~830m elevation gain, 3km long. It was amazing that Baby T1.0 hiked up most of the way himself.

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  2. Congrats on keeping track with your goal ATL which is ultimately what you are always aiming at, regardless of any bumps along the way.

    You sound like a very proud father from what you’ve described – I’m glad you’re having such a wonderful time with your family 🙂


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  3. You’re on track – excellent!

    That’s a big milestone for your youngest. We called those extra wheels “training wheels” when I was a kid. And when you were ready to ditch them, it was a proud moment. Have fun continuing to enjoy precious moments with your family.


  4. You will most definitely appreciate the wise decision to enjoy those early years with family. So so precious. I think you are finding that great balance that eludes so many. Keep doing what you are doing.
    You will look back and cherish it dearly.


  5. I love reading about your milestones with your girls. 🙂 And your point about the rate hike is a reminder that so much of the world economy hinges on the U.S. economy… that seems very wrong somehow. I understand globalization, of course, but the fact that a group of policy wonks in DC could affect your wealth an ocean away is a crazy thought. Anyway… glad that you are roughly on course. Keep on keeping on. 🙂


  6. I think we tend to see things similarly. Reaching financial independence is a great goal, but even more important is treasuring the time with your family. I could probably be making more money if I was willing to travel as much as I have done in the past. But I’m not willing to sacrifice that time even if it benefits me financially.

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