Passive Income – June 2016 – the techno edition

Before jumping into the June 2016 number, there is something to share. The past 6 weeks, I have not been very active at all in the community and on my blog. After a very intense spring – maybe too intensive-, it looks like I burned out from blogging. I could not find the energy anymore. It also did not seem to matter at all.Last week, on a nice technofstival, some thoughts about blogging and posting started to flow again in through my brain. Did the technobeats blew away all doubts? One thing is sure, I will focus more on my needs, less on my wants, also while blogging.

While having this blog burnout, I did not stop my trading. So, now that the blockage is out of the way, let’s get to the numbers

Dividend Income

For now, dividends are only a small portion of my passive income strategy. I have a idea in place to grow my DGI portfolio with mainly Belgian companies (Partly for tax purposes). More on that later.

This month’s income was nice: 124,61
This is a nice income for doing nothing. Most of this comes from RDSA. Some from a bank stock out of the past.

Options Premium Income

June was yet anther exciting month form my option strategy. Income was never higher, most thnks to the gint bull run in the GDX tracker. I just love this one. I am still working to try to mximize my profit on some covered calls after some GREEDY covered call writing. Yet another note to myself: only do this when you really want to sell!

This month’s income was nice: 555,55


The Brexit created a nice set of opportunities and challenges for me. Some puts I have are really deep in the money due to the banking fears. It promises to be a hot summer.


If you want to enjoy some nice beats from the weekend at the retro stage, here is a small selection

An easy one to start

Some harder beats



11 thoughts on “Passive Income – June 2016 – the techno edition

  1. Irrefutable proof that dance music cures everything. 🙂 I’ve definitely noticed that you’d gone quiet, but glad to know that you’re feeling like joining back in the fun again. Burnout is a normal thing, and I’m glad you gave yourself the break when you needed it!

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  2. hey ambertree,

    your dividend income and your option premium starts to grow 🙂 you are on a good way.
    take your time, if you need it 🙂 i am glad everything is okey.

    best regards

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  3. Solid month for both dividend as well as options trading. Well done.
    As far as the blogging burn-out is concerned, I think this is very recognizable with almost everyone that has a blog!

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  4. Everyone needs a break every now and then. There was a period where I didn’t post anything for 3 months!

    Glad to see you’re slowly getting back to blogging. 🙂

    Nice dividend increase as well!

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  5. Hey ATL, good to see you on the internet again 🙂 Like I said to you, just do what makes you happy and what you actually like doing.

    Congrats on your best month ever, that’s a very nice amount of money in one month! Good luck this month with your income and recovery.



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