Amberindex and Savingrate Jan 2016

Following up our budget is a long standing habit for me. Since I started blogging a few months ago, I also publish the results online. It forces me to analyze the numbers and see where we can do better. As most of our moneyflows are automated, the numbers are somehow predictable.

Saving Rate

The January 2016 Saving rate is well above the yearly targets! This is awesome! To be fair, If we want to hit our yearly average saving goal, we actually need some extraordinary months.

This is actually logic: some sources of income are not regular. They come as yearly lump sums and not as  monthly income: Tax refund, work bonus, holiday allowance,…

The above average result of this month are the result of our tax refund and part of my work bonus that got paid out.


Amber Index

The amber index is the way to keep track of our net worth. We are in a stadium where market swings can have more impact than money inflow. In a way, this is good, it means we are on the good track.

January 2016 is known as one of the worst starts of the stock market. As a result, the amber index dropped, despite a high inflow of money. We invest for the long term. I try not to look too often to our portfolio, as short term fluctuations can drive you crazy.

All in all, the drop is limited. This is due to the fact that a big part of our assets are capital guaranteed, and another part is a low risk investment portfolio. Our full equity part is still limited in size.

I stick to the plan and invest each month in our target asset allocation.


All in all, January has been a good month. The savings rate went according to plan and the market drop allowed me to pick up some assets below our current average cost.

How was your January?




9 thoughts on “Amberindex and Savingrate Jan 2016

  1. Nice job in the savings rate! We know the feeling about the yearly events and the (often positive) effects they have on your savings rate (our December was awesome for that same reason).
    Too bad about the drop in your amber index, but considering the market’s volatility it was to be expected. It will recover just fine in the long run.
    Good luck!


    1. The drop in the amber index is not that bad, given the marjket dropped 5pct in january. In a certain way, it tells me I am more conservative in my portfolio than I thought.
      Since a year only, I start to collect equities only


  2. Hey there,

    Congrats for January!
    Also, I was about to do the final update of the #BSRI 2015.
    What was your average savings rate last year?



  3. Nicely done on your savings rate! The market has been very volatile and that certainly contributed the drop to net worth. Since we can’t control the market, all we can do is to focus on savings. 🙂


    1. Hey Tawcan, the only thing we can do is in deed focus on what we do: save and invest according to the plan. As I am accumulating asstes, I bought at some lower prices and even put in an order to buy at even lower prices.


  4. Hi AT,

    Congrats on a great month! It seems you weren’t too affected by the markets in January too with only a small drop which is always good, though I assume some losses were offset by new money invested.

    It’s always interesting to see how other people track their progress; I think your Full rate calculation is similar to my Savings + Investment percentages combined, and your Revised rate is similar to my Investment percentage. Although in your case your numbers are much higher so you should be proud of your results! 🙂

    While I do calculate my Savings and Investment percentages, I don’t attach any targets to them. I’m personally more interested in the percentage of living expenses vs income and how that trends over time. It’s interesting that most blogs show how much is being saved whereas I like to see how little I’m spending. Two sides of the same coin I suppose 🙂

    Best wishes,


    1. hey DL,
      For me, it is easier to track how much I save compared to how much I spend. Most of the saving and investing is automated, I only need to add the exceptions. Following up in detail on the spending is not my cup off tea. I am happy to know the really big categories.
      The fact that the amber index is rather unaffected has 2 reasons. First there is indeed the inflow, secondly it means that I am not yet at my target allocation of stock. It will take time to build this up.


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