The energy of running

Running makes you tired, you sweat, when it rains you get soaking wet! Why the hell would you run outdoors? If you run in the evening, it is dark outside, you see a lot of people watching their big screen TV. Why put on your running shoes?

And yet, it is part of my 2016 goals:to run twice a week.

Why run?

It gives a great amount of energy when you leave the shower. It frees up the mind from a lot of hassles. After a run you feel the blood running through your veins!

Since I have discovered this activity, I am always surprised what the effects are after a run. Very often, I feel tired at home from the working day, the traffic jams, sometimes the attitude from the kids. If it rains or is windy at that time, it takes a lot of will power to put on the running shoes and get out of the house.

But when I do so, I start to feel great before reaching the first 1K. All the reasons not to run just disappear, the positive energy starts to come.

I am lucky to have a small push from my wife now and then. Other than that, there are some friends that run as well. We stay in touch and try to run together.

Running is part of my goals.  It kept me motivated in 2015 and I hope that this will be the case for 2016 as well. Out of an unexpected corner, there now came some additional motivation: a run challenge with team CF.



Today was the first time this year I ran. It was great. I had no expectations for a first run after the holidays with lots of food and drinks. The total of 3,3 K is a good start basis. 7 month ago, I started a start-to-run with only 1 minute of running. Pretty happy with my progress. I am still a long journey away from the chalenge I took on with CF.




What do you do to keep healthy?



2 thoughts on “The energy of running

  1. Hey AT,
    Well done you! You are already ahead of me this week, will be going to start slow with some indoor cycling for the next hour (very crappy weather outside and I don’t have good gear for that unfortunately). Will be looking to strap on the running shoes later this week for the first run in about 6 months…’s going to hurt I’m affraid.

    Cheers, Mr. CF

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