2015 goals review

Part of the reasons for me to keep a blog, is to keep track of my progress and my goals. Consider this my personal log. By doing so, I intend to keep myself motivated.

Lets look at the 2015 goals and the results.

The original list was published early May 2015.

Here are my 2015 goals

1- keep the blog alive: Now that I have the blog, I need to keep myself motivated and keep it alive. I plan to post at least twice per month. To have a stretch goal, I should post once every week. So, the goal is to have at least 28 post by the end of the year.

In 2015 I published 58 posts. This is way more than I set as a goal. For 2016, I might need to rethink this number. Then again, I do not want to much stress to blog. It is a distraction for me. I do not need to make money with my blog. It is my personal journey.


2- Work out how to calculate/report in a decent way my savings rate and net worth. the limitation here is that I want to stay Mr AmberTree.

Each month I managed to publish my progress in savings rate and amber index. The amber index makes sure all stays confidential.


3- Have a 55 pct savings rate (me and my wife combined). Based on some preliminary calculations, this should be a realistic goal

As you can see in the last Savingssrate report, we managed to reach a rate of 55pct.


4- Explore options (covered calls/buy puts) to protect my portfolio and enhance the returns. I started to read on this and following some people that describe their approach. Sounds like a good plan.

This is the personal goal that I am proud off. I managed to teach myself an options investing strategy that allows me to keep the adrenaline rushing. This way, I can keep my core investment in a set-and-forget mode.

I already wrote some articles about the options, I plan to write more in the coming weeks


5- Define my lazy investment portfolio. After some research, the core of my portfolio should be a lazy portfolio. I plan to have 3 ETFs to achieve this. –> my asset allocation


6- Reach an overall amber index of 24,74 pct.

According to the December report, we ended at 24,7. I consider this a pass, but with some goodwill from myself


7- Run twice a week and try to run a corrida by year end

I managed to run almost twice per week. Not too bad… I did not manage to run the year end corrida, due to an unplanned ski holiday. So, I consider this a half pass


As an end result, I got almost 7/7. This is something I am very proud off. It will also help me to define my 2016 goals even better and even more challenging.

For 2016, I plan again to create a mix of pure financial goals and self development goals. This way, I can develop not only my net worth, but also myself a a person.


Did you reach all of your 2015 goals?


5 thoughts on “2015 goals review

  1. Seems like you did pretty well in terms of accomplishing your 2015 goals. That’s pretty good in my book. Good job!


  2. Nice job with the 2015 goals. I really like how you specify very specific numbers and targets. That’s one issue that I constantly have with my goals. It is hard to define a more nebulous goal like “improve site content.” It makes it easier to earn a “pass,” that’s for sure.

    I’d give you a pass on skipping the run for the ski holiday. The skiing sounds much more fun and I even like running! Hope 2016 is off to a good start for you.


    1. Goals that are specific are harder to set and it is more difficult to ignore a bad result. Till now, I can not complain on reaching the goals.
      Improve sit content: how about double the likes or comments?


  3. Love the positive update here and looking forward to hearing or reading about how your 2016 went financially and personally for you! 🙂


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