Amber index and Saving Rate December 2015

Now that the year is over, and after a ski holiday, we are back to blog business. I plan to be more active the coming weeks.

But first, I start with the final results of the 2015 savings and investing results


In order to achieve a certain positive financial goal, it is needed to save more than you earn. A quick way to monitor this is the savings rate. I have  2 variants of the savingsrate. A first one is a large interpretation that counts all money that goes towards investing and loan repayment, I call this the full savingsrate. I also publish a revised savingsrate: here I do not count payments to the mortgage and some other health savings related contribution. By measuring both, I have a good view of what we save.


The month of December was a good month but mixed. We got extra money, this is good: 2 end-of-year bonus both my wife and I get , and there was also an advanced payment of a January bonus for me. Part of that money was used today for the ski holiday we had. The rest of the money was saved.

If we look at the ear goal, both are achieved, spot on. This is great!


The amber index went back up this month. Yeah! We have reached a point in our net worth where the inflow can no longer push up the amber index. This is a good thing, it means we already have saved and invested a lot. It also means that in volatile markets, a lot depends on the day where we measure the index. In this case, it is Jan 2nd 2016. We see that we are 0,1 pct below 24,8. This is the 2015 goal.


This is the last 2015 report. I am happy with my perseverance to publish this each month. Keeping track of your net worth is a great way to support a journey towards Financial Independence.

How was your year end?



3 thoughts on “Amber index and Saving Rate December 2015

  1. Hey AT,

    how was the holiday? Everyone still in one piece? Hope you had a great time!

    Seems that your savings rates were right on target, pretty good for an expensive month! You guys gained quite a bit on the Amber Index in 2015, must feel great. Hope that you can keep the momentum going.

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts.
    Cheers, Team CF


    1. Hey Team CF,

      The holiday was great! we all hda lots of fun and the kids loved it. One major downside – the wife broke a small bone in the wrist… so, we adapt to this. But there are worse things that can happen.
      The amber index gained indeed a lot. Eraly in the year, the gain came from figuring out all the accounts we have. From March onwards, it is contribution and the markets that are the driver. All in all, I am very happy with the result.
      I am curious to see what 2016 will bring for all people on the journey


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