Living life by design – Enjoying so family time

The first weekend of October was marked in our agenda as weekend away. The school closed and gave us a 4-day weekend. We seized the opportunity and went on a family holiday. We were joined by a good friend of the family the first 2 days. That is when you realise what living life by design means.

The weather Gods were more than generous. We had 4 full days of Indian summer. We were able to relax a lot a share some nice activities to our kids.

Here are some of the highlights

eating the best and biggest waffles in Belgium. They are a true feast and if you take the full option waffle with fresh fruit, it can easily replace a meal. And so we did. The kids loved their waffle fingers. We then went off to the beach for some cocktails and chilling while the kids played on the beach. Great times


In the evening, our friend decided to show our kids some bad habits: we went to Mc Donalds, something she wanted to do already a few times before. I have some bad news for the MCD stock lovers: our youngest is no fan… she will not return 😉

That evening we were blessed with a great sunset at the beach. It was the first time the kids saw the sun going down like that in the water. They were so happy.

The next day, we spent the afternoon at the beach, feet in the north sea, and this in October…


While walking around the tow, we saw this sign


Both my wife and I smiled… I guess that is what makes the difference between FIRE some day and working till the retirement age.

If this weekend is what FIRE looks like, I then will try even harder to reach it sooner!

what is your motivation to FIRE early?


5 thoughts on “Living life by design – Enjoying so family time

  1. Way to go Polly! 🙂 When I have that kind of quality time with my girlfriend it’s when I remember why I am doing all the investing and saving… 😛


  2. What a gift — a child who isn’t obsessed with McDonald’s! 🙂

    Shopping *is* cheaper than psychotherapy, but certainly not more effective. Shopping now will likely lead to needing a psychiatrist later! 🙂

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