Amber index and Saving rate – oktober Update

In line with a lot of others in the community, I share my progress on the road to FIRE. The date is planned in 2029 and with this post, you see some progress to this goal.

The end of August was an interesting period. The markets dropped about 10pct, there were rebounds, some more drops, resulting in a lot of volatility.  Drafting the numbers one day sooner or later can have a big impact. The numbers are what they are, a snapshot of now, one stop on the journey to FI. These numbers are taken on Oct 5.

Savings rate

The September Savings Rate is in line with August. There are no exceptional items that came our way, so we saved 49pct of our income (for the full calculation). Our savings rate is supposed to be the same each month, as we pay ourselves first.

We did have 2 minor fixes on our house. As we have a running refill for the emergency fund (not counted as savings) and these expenses come out of this fund, they did not impact the SR for this month

Despite the mixup, we are YTD still on track to reach our savings goals. But we will be counting on the X-mas bonus to reach our goals.

Full SR YTD: 58pct (this includes mortgage payments and some other specific flows)

Revise SR YTD: 30,6pct (This are the pure flows towards investment accounts)


Amber index: progress towards 2029

We are almost back to the level of early august. Back then, I thought that reaching our 24,8 index goal would be easy peezie… That was being a little too positive it seems. Despite the investments in our index portfolio and other pensions savings plans, we are not there yet.  But we are investing for the long run. After a few years, the actual date of this snapshot should not matter at all. I already see in our index portfolio that we are averaging down the cost of our indexes. That is a good thing.

Also worth to note: the Belgian government started eating into to pension account. I had to pay 1pct of my overall holdings, and this for in total 5 years. So, 4 more to go… Our government is quite inventive when it comes to finding money. They now promise I will pay less tax at the end (but this is not the first rule change in the middle of the game)


What is your progress?


2 thoughts on “Amber index and Saving rate – oktober Update

  1. Great job! Its a little disheartening to see the market drop – but it happens! We are staying on track also, although we may need to reach deep to pull off our yearly goal – it is getting close! Too many ‘one-time’ house repairs and upgrades. I checked the other day and for the year, we are still up by ~ 1% because of the amount of money we have invested, so I figure that I a win…


    1. thx for the encouraging. The end year goal is still in reachable, counting heavily on the year end bonus (guaranteed) and the markets staying where they are now. We might need to add in some extra saving. I am not giving up yet!


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