Amber index and Saving rate – August Update

In line with a lot of others in the community, I share my progress on the road to FIRE. The date is planned in 2029 and with this post, you see some progress to this goal.

In the middle of the summer, the Greek drama seems have a positive evolution. The Chinese action keeps creating moves in the market. Drafting the numbers one day sooner or later can have a big impact. The numbers are what they are, a snapshot of now, one stop on the journey to FI.

Savings rate

It has been a good month on the savings front, thanks to vacation money from my wife that came our way and that we were able to set aside for investing. This gives a nice boost. We were also able to go on vacation within our monthly budget. This is due to the roll over principle I apply each month: what is left over on the budget stays on the account, marked as left over. It can be used to cover a higher budget item in the following month. The graph below shows the numbers.

SR_JulyYet another month above the plan. Will this streak lasts? It won’t! Why is that?Each month of the year, we have had an additional income source on top of our salary: bonus, tax repayment, holiday allowance,… This will end now until December. Going forward, we now only rely on automation and paying our selfs first.

Progress towards 2029

We are up 0,3 pct this month!  According to the plan, this is what we need each month for the coming years to reach our goals. Being on track looks like a great thing to me! Happy about it.


What is your progress?

8 thoughts on “Amber index and Saving rate – August Update

    1. Jason,

      thx for the nomination. I will work on it this weekend.
      Having no more ‘bonus’ to rely on each month will affect the savings rate. We will fall back to the default one, based upon the investment automation we have in place.


  1. Great progress. It’s especially impressive that you kept your vacation costs within your monthly budget. Nice work! Though we’d all like to see our accounts climb quickly (and we know you’re in a hurry) 😉 being able to keep spending in check seems just as important for long-term success, if not more so. So the fact that you went on vacation without dipping into your savings should make you feel very confident!


  2. Hey there,

    Well done for your good summer months!
    Can you tell me exactly what is your average savings rate for 2015 as of today? So that I update the #BSRI 2015.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!


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